Amount Of Salt For A Pool

by Heather

We have a 16 ft wide by 4 ft deep pool. We converted from chemical to a salt water filtration system.

My question is, how much salt do we put in once it is filled and ready?

We are using the Morton pool salt 40 lb bags.

Thanks for the question Heather

For an average 20,000 gallon pool you will need 7-10 50lb. bags to bring your saline level to the correct reading of 3000-4000. It's important to know the range for your salt cell. Some are pretty strict, between 3000 - 3500ppm, while other are more forgiving, between 2500 - 4000ppm.

According to my calculations, you have a 6,000 gallon pool. Start with 2 - 3 bags, allow for one full turnover of the water. This is normally about 8 - 10 hours, then test the salinity. Keep filtering.

After you add the salt, be sure to sweep the bottom very well. If salt is allowed to sit on the floor, it might stain.

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Hope this helps and have a great Summer.


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Jan 05, 2015
How To Adjust Low Salt and High pH For My 24 ft Above Ground Salt Generated Pool
by: Anonymous

My cholorinator seems to be running fine however when I use the test strips I have high pH but very low salt indicated. We have had had this set up for 3 summers and have never had an issue with the levels. The only difference this summer has been the cooler temps and lots of rain.

I told my husband that I think he needs to add salt but he is afraid that if he does and this isn't the problem adjusting the levels due to too much salt will be even harder to fix.

Help...we just want to swim as our summer is already half over and we have only been in the pool 4 times.

Thanks for the question

I will first ask what is the salinity range for your chlorine generator? Many have a pretty large range from 2800 - 4500ppm. It's difficult for me to go on a reading of "too low". I would need to actual number. Keeping the salt below the minimum for your cell and it won't produce chlorine. Above the maximum level and you run the risk of burning the cell up.

I would suggest getting a Taylor K-1766 salt water test kit. It's the best available salt test. It's tricky to use but accurate. The AquaChek salt test strips are alright and simple to use but they aren't as reliable. You can also go to your local pool store and get another reading. You want about 3 different readings from 3 different sources to determine where the discrepancy is.

Salt will decrease through dilution, such as rain, and the cell making chlorine. Heat and coolness doesn't play a big part in the salt content.

Having a salt pool does affect the pH a bit more than regular chlorine pools. You'll need to keep an eye on that. Since I don't have your pH reading it's difficult to say what "high pH" is.

How big is your pool? If you want to decrease the pH, you can use 12 oz. per 10,000 gallons of water to reduce the pH 0.2.

Again, my suggestion would be to get the salt tested from a few different sources to determine the issue, if any. Then get the pH down to 7.4 - 7.8. A pH over 8.0 is only allowing the chlorine to be 25% active. And that's too low.

Jun 17, 2014
My Salt Test Strip Reads 3.8
by: Patricia

I have a 16 ft x 48 in round above ground pool. Is that the right amount of salt?

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