Calcium at 1000 and nothing to be concerned?

by Denis
(Phoenix, AZ, USA)

My salt water pool (20 month old) has a calcium level of 1000 ppm according to the test done by one of the pool service companies.

I was told not to be concerned and just empty/refill it in the fall which is like few months away. In the meantime, i am worried if i can get my family in the pool or not.

Any expert opinions?

Hi Denis. My pool route was in Mesa/Tempe so I'm very familiar with the kind of water you have to deal with.

1000 ppm is very high. I would take the test myself, then get a couple more tests to confirm. Phoenix water is about 300 ppm right from the tap. Yours is possibly 1000 ppm, which, if true, would lead me to believe that calcium hypochlorite or some other hardness increaser was used, such as calcium chloride.

If the water is tested and really is 1000 ppm, I would recommend doing a full drain and refill as you mentioned.

One thing you can do in the meantime is to maintain a lower pH, 7.2 - 7.4. This keeps the water a bit more on the acidic side which is what you may want to do.

Calcium is a metal so you can go the metal sequestrant route. Jack's Magic and ProTeam Metal magic are the only ones I recommend.

High CH is not, in and of itself, unsafe. It can lead to calcium rings at the water line. High levels can also clog up your chlorine cell. If that happens the cell won't be able to produce the chlorine your pool needs to kill organics. It's kind of a domino effect.

Scaling and possible cloudy water can occur when CH levels get too high.

Hope this helps and have a great Summer


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Jun 11, 2017
by: Denis

Thanks for the detailed explanation. Appreciate it. Surprisingly, only ph is slightly high. I need to add a pint of acid to lower it (from what i was told). Other than that all seems well. The water is/has been crystal clear all along and no scales (except for very, very light white lines on a few) of the tiles. That is what is surprising. With a 1000 CH, i would imagine the pool to look cloudy like it is filled with milk. :-)

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