Can I Still Salvage Our Pool

by Fatima Seiwerth
(Island Lake, Illinois)

Hi Robert. I've watched most of your video trying to learn. We are a first time owner of a 6000 gal above the ground pool. We have a deep well water and when we started filling up our pool, the water turned cloudy brownish/yellow color, test kit showed 7.5 ph and between 2-4 cl-br. We went to "Leisure world" for a pool test, the lady recommended my husband to pour 12 gallons of chlorine because she said we have to get rid of the 1.5 ppm ammonia - the following day the I tested it with the kit and the result was more than 5-10 for cl-br and ph was more than 8.2, the lady also recommended adding 6-8 capful of Lo 'N Slo and 1 lb of smart shock.

So on the second day, the pool looks like hell, now its green and totally cloudy. So my husband call back the place and unfortunately she was not there and its 4th of july weekened. So we ended up going to "Arvidson pools and spa and here's our reading and the additions

Chlorine - 13.5 - added 6 cups total
total alkalinity - 2 - 10.5 lbs
ph - 8.6 - 3.5 lbs
stabilizer - 4 - 1.5 lbs

The additions were done yesterday. and today my reading is still the same for ph and cl.more than 5-10 for cl-br and ph was more than 8.2. Pls help, I have a 5 year old and a 10 year old, not sure if we can salvage this pool water.

Hi Fatima. Yes your pool can be salvaged. Check these videos out if you need a little proof:

Worst Pools You'll Ever See

Next thing to do is to stop listening to the pool store employees. According to your readings and what they've told you, you're going to spend $400 - $500 trying to clear it up, it won't work, and you're Summer will be shot.

What you need to do is create an environment that algae and bacteria cannot thrive in. For well water with metals, you need a good metal sequestrant. Jack's Magic with the ingredient 1-Hydroxyethylidene-1, 1- diphosphonic Acid works well. Also, ProTeam Metal Magic has phosphonic acid, which is want you want. Brown water or water that turns clear emerald green indicates metals. Your pool store won't give you that info.

You need to increase the CYA to 30ppm and reduce the pH to 7.0 for the FC to be effective. If you watch the videos above it's the first thing I do. Then it's a matter of maintaining a high FC level using liquid chlorine. You also need to invest in the Taylor K-2006 kit. I've made several detailed videos on how to use it.

Please remember that these are just the highlights and I've written an eBook on everything you need to know about pool care and how to clear up a green pool.

Clear Blue Pool eBook
How To Clear Up A Green Pool eBook


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