Green Water with Copper

by Fatema

THere is 0.32 ppm Cu(ii) in pool. Can this level of Cu(ii)turn water to grean? How can I make sure that this problem is for copper not for something else?

Thanks for the question Fatema

Copper can cause green water and by your reading the copper is high at 0.3. High copper can be attributed to high copper fill water and/or copper algaecides which I never recommend anyone using. High copper can also cause metal staining which can be a real pain to remove.

Without your chemical readings it's difficult to determine what may be causing green water. It could be lack of chlorine, too high or low stabilizer, too high pH, or a combination of these. If you can get me a complete list of your chemical readings, the actual numbers, we can start from there. If you're using a metal based algaecide I'd encourage you to stop and use a PolyQuat 60. It's a bit more expensive but worth it and it has no metals. If your fill water already has high high metal content then using a copper based algaecide will only make matters worse.

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Have a great Summer.


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Pool RX System | Skin Rash

by Patricia

would you have any information about the product Pool RX? I began using it last season and some guests got terrible rashes. Prior to using Pool RX they were fine.

And these people have no rash using public pools and hot tubs at hotels or spas. I'm guessing the minerals of zinc and chelated cooper caused the rash?

Thank you in advance for your time and expertise.

Hi Patricia. Pool Rx is Copper sulphate 50 – 65 % according to the MSDS.

I'm not a big fan of putting any kind of metal in pool water. I've made several videos and have addressed Pool Rx, saying you simply don't need it. If the only thing that has changed from last year to this year is adding it, then I would say there's evidence pointing to the product.

For "removing" it from the pool, it will take some time. It's a metal. You can either do a partial drain and refill (full is best) or use a metal sequestrant. Jack's Magic Pink Stuff is one of the best. ProTeam Metal Magic is also good. The seq. holds the metal in solution until it can get filtered and backwashed out, which can take 2 weeks, or more.

It's basically this: Dilution or a sequestrant. Once the metal is in there, it's in.

Good luck with your pool.


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