Salt Water Above Ground Pool

by Gypsi L.
(Hastings, MN)

We just purchased an above ground pool.

It states we do have the option of using salt.

Do we need a different filtration system or can use the one that came with the pool?

It's a chlorine filtration system.

Thanks for the question Gypsi

There is no special filtration needed for a salt pool. But a salt pool is slightly different than a regular chlorine pool.

The salt chlorinator will still produce chlorine, or hypochlorous acid. A salt pool is not a chlorine free pool.

The salt water pages will give you good information on the best way to take care of your salt pool, if you decide to go that route:

Salt Water Swimming Pools

Chlorine Generator

And the pool Q&A page has more information and lots of answered questions concerning salt water pools:

Swimming Pool Questions and Answers

If you have any questions that are not found on those pages, please feel free to contact me.

I've taken care of the YMCA salt pool (80,000 gallons) for the last 3 years.

It's hot, so it's time to swim.

Hope this helps and have fun with your new pool.


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Intex Above Ground Pool Saltwater

by Suzanne
(Conway, SC )

I have a intex above ground saltwater pool 16x48 and total hardness, PH, total Alkalinity, stabilizer is very high, and total chlorine, free chlorine is low.

What can I do and how to fix this?

Thanks for the question Suzanne

I'd like to have your complete chemical readings, the actual numbers. It makes troubleshooting much easier and the process of clearing up your pool will go much faster. Readings such as "very high" are subjective.

But, I'll take the CYA level as very high to mean it's above 70 - 80ppm. In this case it really doesn't matter what the other readings are at this point. You might be having the problem of the chlorine not holding. This is due to the CYA being too high. The stabilizer needs to be 30 - 50ppm and the chlorine 1.5 - 3.5ppm. As the CYA rises through the use of chlorine tablets the chlorine must also rise in order to keep the CYA/chlorine relationship. The stabilizer is 7.5% of your chlorine.

There are two ways to remedy a high CYA. The first is a partial or full drain and refill. There's no chemical to reduce the CYA. The 2nd is to keep raising the chlorine level to meet the higher CYA demand. This will cost alot of money in the long run.

Again, if the CYA is above 70 - 80ppm, I'd encourage you to do a partial/full drain and refill, FILTER for 8 - 10 hours, retest everything to know where you are and make the proper adjustments. I have no idea what the readings will be after the new fill. Come back to this and post them here. Anyone who says you can solve this issue, if the CYA is "very high", by adding hundreds of $$ in more chemicals is mistaken.

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Hope this helps and have a great Summer.


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My 10 x 30 lil guy

by Kerry
(Northern California)

By adding 1/2 to 3/4 cup of chlorinating liquid daily I've gotten the pH, TA, and stabilizer in normal range but fc is zero.

Missed one day of add chlorine and algae began. Added fresh water, scrubbed bottom and sides and hand removed much debris. Added a cup liquid at 8pm, stirred, covered to keep debris out.

At 8am algae gone, pool clear, numbers good but no fc. This pool is for my grandkids on weekends . I don't want them getting sick.

Should I bring up cya? No filter or pump and lots of direct sunshine.

Hi Kerry. I'm going to need a full set of chemical numbers. My apologies, but I cannot go on "in range" or "good". I don't know if you need to adjust the CYA because I don't know what it is. You may need to raise it, or lower it. I have no idea until I get all the numbers.

I also need the pool size in gallons. Without having a filter, it makes it more difficult to remove algae and other organic matter. For this, you're going to need to do regular water changes, then re-balance the chemicals. It all works together, balancing the chemicals and proper filtration.


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