Ionizer Put Too Much Copper In My Pool

by Daniel
(Lyons, GA)

I set my ionizer to "HI" and put too much copper in my pool. I pumped out water till I got my copper in range .003 and now I can't get my water from green back too blue. I have shocked it twice with no results. The pH and alkalinity are ok.

Can you help? I need advice on what to do.


Thanks for the question Daniel

I was wondering if the pool is an algae green or a clear emerald green? You would approach it from different angles because they're different situations. An emerald green normally happens after chlorination with high copper (sometimes copper/iron mix).

A solid green means algae which is a lack of chlorine or another sanitizer. I would need a little more info. Your complete chemical readings:

Chlorine, CYA, pH, Alkalinity, Hardness. What kind of shock did you use? How big is the pool (gallons)? What kind of test kit do you use? Are you sure you got a good shock? Did you shock, allow for one full turnover of the water (normally about 8 hours) then retest?

The question says the pool was shocked twice. How long between shocks? What kind of filtration system do you have? Sand, DE, cartridge? If you could reply with this info. I'm sure I can help.

Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.


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Chlorine Level Is 0 ppm Even Within 30 minutes of Shocking

by Mike
(New Jersey)

I use an ionizer and copper level is .3 ppm. I use tri-chlor tablets to keep chlorine at .5 ppm. No problems at all in past years but this year chlorine level, both free and combined is always 0 ppm. I usually use non chlorine oxidizer but even tried di-chlor shock to raise chlorine level but within 30 minutes the chlorine level was back to 0 ppm. The water is crystal clear even with chlorine level at 0 ppm. It appears something is consuming the chlorine

Pool size: 30,000 gallons (vinyl liner)
Copper: . 3 ppm
TSD: 950 (acceptable range as per ionizer instructions)
Total alkalinity : 100 ppm
PH: 7.4
Calcium hardness: 170
CYA (stabilizer): 60 ppm

Thanks for the question Mike. First we need to define what shock means. It's not a products you buy, is a process of maintaining the FC high enough the kill the organic matter in the pool. For your size pool you would use, at minimum, 3 lbs. of dichlor to reach the 10ppm level.

For the next part. You CYA is at 60ppm but you're keeping your FC way low, about 1 - 2ppm. Your FC is not effective because the FC is relative to the CYA. As the CYA increases through the use of tabs the FC but also increase as well. The same is true for shocking a pool. Normal CYA range is 30 - 50ppm. This means that as the CYA rises it takes a higher FC level to reach actual superchlorination. With a CYA of 60ppm you would need to reach the superchlorination level of 20 - 25ppm. This is why a partial drain and refill is needed when the CYA gets too high. It causes the FC to be less effective and it also takes more FC to maintain sanitation levels.

If you've never had any issues in previous years, been using tabs, then this year there's no FC even after adding dichlor, then I'd suspect the CYA is too high and a partial drain and refill is needed to get the CYA down to 30ppm. Dichlor is also a stabilized form of chlorine. Each time to add dichlor to the water you're increasing the CYA. That, along with the use of tabs will cause the CYA to increase more rapidly and with a low FC level of around 2ppm will cause a low or no FC reading.

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Hope this helps and have a great Summer.


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