New Pools In General

by Deborah Sanford

Moving back to Cincinnati OH from Bradenton FL . Had a pool in FL , but would like one up north . Thinking above ground but made to look like in ground . I do believe there would be a good deal of decking with the pool .

How well do above ground ( buried ) pools hold up in Cincy ? Winterization ...Cincy is famous for short summers ( & overcast sky's , ) would solar heating even be in the equation ? Or , would it be better ( cost ) to go fiberglass or concrete ( I worry about ground freezing & thawing ) ?

Any recommendations of companies for me to call in Cincy for even mor info ? Let me tell you that your site is mind boggling informative to the point of I'm not sure all the right questions to ask someone . Thank you in advance for your help in this matter . Deborah Sanford

Hi Deborah. I don't know of any pool builders in Cincinnati so i can't help with that. Concerning an above ground pool in the ground, or a semi-inground pools, I can do some research. I have a couple of pool owners that I did consults for who live in Minnesota and Wisconsin (brutal winters) so I can pick their brains and get back to you. I've closed AG pools in OR but the weather there is not as harsh as OH.

If I don't know the answer right now, I can definitely find out for you. Give me a little time and I'll get back to you


Thank you so much for your answer . After more research , now I'm leaning toward fiberglass. ..but once again , I'm thinking of the freezing you drain the entire pool , lines & all for winters & then refill again in spring ???

I remember seeing people's pools with covers on them ( in ground with water still in them , guess they drained the lines ...but ) ...I worry that fiberglass would crack with freezing temps , even though they are warrantied against problems . Any suggestions I'd love to hear them ...

Hi Deborah. The people had just answered my email. Concerning an semi-inground pool or an above ground pool in the ground, they have no info. They both have inground pools. One is a fiberglass and another is a vinyl pool.

They said they never had any issues in the Winter or Spring. They don't fully drain the pool, just below the skimmer or first return. There's no reason to ever fully drain a pool unless it's needed such as repairs or lowering the CYA.

Fiberglass is great and will last for years when maintained correctly.

Of course there are risks associated with having a pool. Some may crack but when opened and closed properly the chances are tremendously decreased. As with everything, it's playing the odds. We don't need to deal with that here in FL because the pools are open year round.

The main thing is maintenance and correctly opening and closing the pool. Never skip a step, don't overlook anything, and double check your work. Do one step at a time.

Thank you so very much for your reply ! So very true about down here in Florida , but both of my children are back in Cincinnati & any relatives of mine are in that area ( only child & both parents are deceased ( 77 & 05 ) so I'm going back up ) , sooo . I do believe I'm leaning towards fiberglass all has to do with how it is dug out & reinforced to the grade of the land ( they have to be very good ) , now for making it warm enough to swim ( hopefully ) from June - early September ( Cincinnati is notorious for overcast days )

...working on the economics of that . Whatever I learn , I'll pass it on to you for someone else's question ! Thanks Again !!

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