Pool Float and Sweep

by Dave Gale
(Concord, Ca.)

I really enjoy your site and one question. I am going to use a chlorine floater but how do I keep the hose from my pool sweep and the floater from colliding?

If I tie the float off where is the best place, and one last if the float is tied off will it inhibit the chlorine from going all over the pool for sanitation?


Thanks for the question Dave

I know exactly what you mean. While I never had this issue on my pool route a guy I knew did the following. He tied a simple 2 lb. weight to the hose with a 1 ft. long piece of string and about 5ft. from the skimmer. It seemed to keep more of the hose under water and it helped to not sweep the tab float into a corner or keep it up against the wall. He also added an adapter to the skimmer to lessen the stress on the hose end.

You can tie the tab float near the deep end as close to a return as you can. The water coming out of the return will push the chlorine through the water. Obviously this set-up isn't optimal because you want the tab float to flow freely around the pool but in my experience this is the next best thing.

I hope this has answered your question to your satisfaction.

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Thank you.

Have a great Summer.


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Swimming Pool Diving Board Blues

by Vicky Price
(Almyra Ar)

Question about swimming pool diving board issue and problem. Where do I start~~I recently acquired to duty of "pool woman". Our small town has a community pool averaging 30ish people a day.

Unfortunately our swimming pool diving board broke I have been put in charge of ordering a new one. This I know~~ it needs to be 10ft and that's about all I know!

I need a heavy duty, diving board to withstand the chore of "healthy & rowdy" boys.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks for your question Vicky

I was at the YMCA today and talked to the Aquatics Director about your diving board issue. She said the most important thing to consider is the safety factor.

Swimming Safety

Swimming Pool Diving Boards & Pool Care

Be sure you check with the state Department of Health the see the kind and size of diving board you need. Different states have different laws regarding diving boards, for swimming safety and insurance reasons.

Get all the information you can from them before looking for a new diving board. By doing this you can lessen the amount of time it will take getting a new diving board because you'll know what the law allows. I would also recommend checking with your local laws, being it's a community pool. Find out the insurance requirements.

Through my experience I've had good feedback from people who have owned a Fibre-Dive. They have them in all sizes. The Aquatics Director also recommended a stiffer kind of diving board for semi-commercial use. She said they seem to be a bit on the sturdy side and you may want to get one without alot of spring.

She also said you may want to look into what is called a "jump board". Hope this helps and good luck finding the perfect swimming pool diving board for your community pool.

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