Pool Installation Cost Is Too Much

by Martin
(Save Money On Pool Construction)

How do I get a pool at the costs you list on your web site. I have had 3 separate quotes on a 20x36 concrete pool with a hot tub. I have flat land - no landscaping etc. All 3 were around $150k although it did include a fence of 10k Can I please get a name of someone who would do a pool for 30-40k as you list - or yourselves if you build etc

Hi Martin. There's no need to tell you that $150k for a a pool your size is outrageous. By my calculations you'd want a 29k gallon pool and, I assume, a 500 gallon attached hot tub. Even if you add on a $10k fence and a $5k hot tub there's no way it would even come close to the asking price.

I don't know of anyone is your area that does pool construction. I am very curious as to how they got that price.

I have written an eBook about pool construction and how to save money on installation.

Save Money On Pool Construction

Here are some highlights from my eBook:

Recommendations - First and foremost, talk to people who have pools. Get their input. Neighbors, friends, and relatives are a wealth of information. Be cautious of websites or forums if you're in a larger city. False comments and praise can easily be added.

References - Any contractor worth anything should willingly give you a long list of references. He should be proud of his company and accomplishments and offer them to your free of charge. You probably won't check all of them. You can randomly go through the list and choose the ones that feel right. Don't discount a shorter list, but be prepared to ask some probing questions.

Ask If They Have Any Unfinished Pools - If your prospective pool builder becomes nervous about this question, it's a good sign for you. Unfinished pools are easy to check out simply by using the internet. A good builder will have a good track record. Get a builder that's been in business for no less than 10 - 12 years. At this point they're well established and can give you the product you deserve.

Get The Draw Schedule - You might be asking, "What that?" In simple terms, a draw schedule is a detailed payment plan for a construction project. The bank will probably be financing the project. The draw schedule will determine when you and the contractor will get the money. Generally, you don't want the contractor to have more than 2/3 of the money by the time he's finished with the gunite. If the draw schedule to heavily favored on the builder's side or he wants a tremendous amount of money up front, before any work has started, it's best to find another contractor.

Ask To Speak To The Contractors Vendors & Suppliers - Vendors and suppliers should be more than willing to drop some dirt on their former customers if they've been cheated. Get names, times, dates, and locations if you can. If anything sounds fishy, drop your contractor and look for a new one.


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