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Aug 02, 2015
by: john

I have the same problem when kreepy is connected. I test the kreepy with hoses in another pool and it worked fine.

Dec 05, 2016
Loss of pressure when i attatch my kreepy
by: Warren

When i connect my Kreep Krauly the water level in the pump starts to drop and eventually over a few minutes it below the required level to pump.
It is a new pump.

I have done open backwashes and cleaned out all the scum in the pool filter. I have replaced the sand there are no air bubbles coming out of the inlet jets there is no air leaks that i can see on any of the pipes by the pump the pump works perfectly when nothing is connected.

I have tried connecting aneighbours kreepy and the same thing happens. it also happens when i just attatch the regular vacuum, only the ater drops more slowly.

Can anyone help with this issue, its driving me crazy, ive tried everything i can think of.

Hi Warren. We need to do the process of elimination. First is the suction side. If you have a dedicated line in the skimmer you need to use that. Let's say the filtration system runs perfectly with the KK.

Then we go to the hose. Even a small crack can allow air into the system. Sometimes hoses can have a foot or two of exposure at the water line near the skimmer. Hose weights placed at various locations can help with that.

Next is the KK itself. I'd first check the regulator (the opening with the V notch). The KK is very sensitive to cavitation and too strong suction. Try opening the bottom drain a bit more to offset any increased suction in the skimmer. Or try to lower the skimmer suction to accommodate the KK.

Regulators do wear out but you can get them online for about $38.

Hope this helps.


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