Pools With Black Plaster

by Michael

I have a pool in Las Vegas which of course is very sunny. It may need re-plastering.

If I choose black, will it absorb the sun and stay warmer?

Thanks for the question Michael

Yes it is true that a darker plaster will absorb and keep the heat in the water long than white plaster. Basically what you're asking is if a darker color plaster will conduct heat, then transfer that heat into the pool water.

When you have a conductive to heat source it also allows that heat to escape from the pool. A simple example is Styrofoam. It will insulate both heat and cold, but may allow it to escape at the same rate.

About 40 - 50% of the heat is within the first foot of water. You can use a clear or light blue solar cover will decrease evaporation to maximize the heat during the day.

Multi colored and darker plaster is wonderful if mixed and applied correctly. I'd suggest looking at Diamond Brite plaster and finishes. If you get a variation in color it's not because of inappropriate mixing, it's the dye in the cement not changing color of the cement when not properly applied. It also should be troweled during cooler or overcast days.

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Hope this helps.


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