Question- Pool Cover Use

We have a 16ft x 42" pop up pool. It came with a solid cover with about 9 holes in it. Should we be using this cover during the week when we are not using the pool, or should we keep the cover off?

We thought it might be a good idea to leave it on during the week for two reasons:

1. Weather- The pool is in direct sun all day, and when it rains it pours from heat storms

2. Safety- Extra safety, besides the fence we have around it


Great question

Yes you can keep the solid pool cover on for the reasons you mentioned.

Swimming Pool Solid Cover

These are some of the benefits for using a cover:

Prevents water, dirt and debris from getting into your pool. Normally no algae build-up because the cover blocks the sun which makes for an easy Spring start-up. Many come in a nice looking silver grey color or a solid forest green

Many covers have a heavy-duty vinyl coat complete with cable and winch for easier installation

Warranty is pretty good, from 8-12 years. Some may go even longer with a 2 year full replacement

U.V. coating protects from the sun

Use for winter shut-downs or for extended periods of non-use

Safety for children and pets

Not to mention your pool chemical use will probably go down because the pool is being protected by the solid pool cover. And it's good that you have a pool safety fence around the pool.

Swimming Pool Safety Fence

Thanks for the question and have a great Summer


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