Salt generator is working

by Lori

My salt generator is working but the salt reading is 2600 where as when I take l a sample to the pool store there reading is 3500. Now there reading is correct and my generator is working properly except for what is shown on the display unit . Why is that ? When system was brand new the reading on my system and pool store were the same . So what needs to be replaced to fix this problem

Hi Lori. It's a little confusing how the question is worded. I'm hearing this: You have a salt pool. The reading on the system is 2600ppm but the pool store says 3500ppm.

What you need to do with that is manually test it yourself using salinity strips or a good Taylor tester. That way you'll have 3 independent tests done. The pool store salinity tester might not be calibrated correctly, or your system might be throwing a low salt code.

Next is the reading is correct (by your system or the pool store?), the chlorine generator is working, except your display unit says something else? That's the confusing part. How do you know the salt level is correct?

It also depends upon the system you have such as Atlantis, AutoPilot, Hayward, Pentair, Jandy / Zodiac Aqua Pure, etc... There are many different models and each one has its own set of parameters. I would encourage you to contact the manufacturer or owner's manual for those specific details.


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Pool Sanitizing and Testing

by Neil

Hi Robert, 1.) What salt system to you recommend for a residential pool with 25,000 gallons of water? 2.) What is the most accurate tool for checking swimming pool water chemistry? 3.) How do I check on bacteriological agents in the water? I read that needs to be done periodically too.

Hi Neil. Sorry for the delay. We've had some bad storms through central FL that knocked out our internet for a last couple of days.

Hayward AquaRite systems are very good. I've never had any really bad issues with any Hayward products since I began taking care of pools nearly 18 years ago. The AQR9 is a good unit. That will cover 25k gallons but you always want to go a bit bigger, then be able to dial it down rather than red-lining it. Pentair Intellichlor is also a good choice.

For testing you'll want the Taylor K-2006 kit and Taylor salinity testers.

The next questions deals with water borne pathogens. This is something I dealt with while I was the pool operator for the YMCA. You can check out Aqua Council News for more info.

Unless you have reason to believe, or some evidence, that some kind of WBP has entered the water through vomit, blood, leaking diaper, etc... there's no reason to do periodic testing. Chlorine will kill organic matter and bacteria.


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