Why Does My Kreepy Krauly Have No Suction?

by Dannie
(Denton, TX)

The line that I hook my Creepy Crawler to has very little suction.

How would I clean the underground line, to see if there is something in the line?

Thanks for the question Dannie

You should start by emptying the pump basket of any debris. Be sure the filter has been backwashed. If you have a cartridge filter, clean them out.

Here are some ways to see the amount of suction your unit has:

Pull apart the last hose connected to the Kreepy Krauly. Hold the hose under water and feel the amount of suction.

If you have good suction, the cleaner has good suction as well. If there's weak suction, this could be the problem.

Work backward to the pool pump. First check the in-line leaf trap. Make sure it's empty. Next, is to check the skimmer basket and pump basket to be sure they're clean and clear of debris.

A clog will restrict your water flow.

While the pump is running, check to see if you have a good prime and water is moving in the pump pot. You need good water flow through the entire filter system.

If you have good suction through the system, your Kreepy might be clogged with debris. This restricts the flapper from moving.

Just a little debris can cause this to happen. Turn the pump off and take the Kreepy out of the pool and closely inspect it. You can flush any kind of debris out with a hose.

Hope this helps and have a fun and safe swimming season.


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Jun 01, 2012
No suction in pool
by: Trax

I have red through older posts and cannot find an answer so I thought I would post a new one. I am having an issue with the vacuum line in my pool. The vacuum inlet has VERY little suction with all other valves closed (main and skimmers). However, if I open both of the skimmer valves ALL the way, the suction increases and my Kreep Krawly will start to work. However, if I close either of the skimmer valves at all, the suction will stop and so will the Kreepy Krawly. I have tried emptying the skimmer baskets, I have emptied and cleaned the pump basket but still no luck. I have a Jandy cartridge filter that just had the cartridges cleaned about a month ago as well. This no suction thing just happened within the last two days and I don't know what to do. I am not sure if there is a clog in the vacuum line or if there is air in there or what. Any suggestions??

Jun 20, 2012
What to do
by: RJ

Skimmer basket clear and so is inline leaf basket. New sand in sand filter, and has been backwashed. Have weak suction on leaf basket and weak pressure on return line.

Your comment please.

Thanks for the question Here are a couple of posts to look over:

Little To No psi

Sand Filter Pressure Increases And Low Suction

It also depends on the kind of filter you have. A DE filter can have too much DE or be clogged up. Cartridge can have torn pleats.

Baquacil and similar products can clog up your sand. Also, swimmers that use oils and lotions.

Be sure the impeller is not jammed up with debris. Turn off the breaker, then the pump motor, remove the pump lid and the basket. Stick your fingers in the impeller and remove any debris.

The pump basket and skimmers should be cleaned out and no blockage.

Nov 05, 2013
Robot Pool Cleaners
by: Marc

Need 2 for two big pools for a resort

Feb 06, 2016
Keep Krawly not working
by: Anonymous

Thanks for this post very helpful. My keep Krawly had stopped working if though the was suctioning the line. Used hose pipe to flush it and put it back and it was working fine

Feb 06, 2016
No Suction When Connected.
by: Coenraad

I do also have a problem with my kreepy. When I disconnect my kreepy from the weir valve the suction works 100%. As soon as I connect the kreepy hose, the suction stops. Need advise please.

First you need to determine whether the hose has suction. Take the Kreepy off and place you hand over the end of the hose. If there's suction then you can take out of the equation. Check for any holes or broken areas in the hose.

Sometimes there could be too much suction. Balance the suction between the skimmer and bottom drain. Be sure the pump basket is cleaned out and you have a good seal around the pump lid.

For the Kreepy, remove it and turn it upside down. Check the flapper inside. It should feel loose and freely move. If it's sticking it needs to be replaced. It should be a wedge-shaped piece of rubber or plastic.

Check the mouth and pipes for any obstructions. Check the seal around the mouth and replace if needed.

Sometimes a Kreepy will float. You can get a weight. It's a 1/2 circle that clips onto the hose. Put it at the end of the hose by the cleaner.

The swivel head at the top can become cracked causing a loss of suction.


May 23, 2016
Keep krauly problems
by: Anonymous

May 10 year old kreepy just keeps going but things do wear out.
This time it was the baffle plate. So when it's worn the water doesn't flow over the clacker properly.

New baffle plate $17 and kreepy fixed

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