2017 Pool Opening with Metals In Water

by Blaise

F.T.A. Process To Clear Up Your Pool

Another winter gone, another pool opening. Awaiting my pool dude's arrival to commence opening procedures. We decided to delay the opening about 10 days this year so we could avoid the "nesting blackbirds dropping feces loads into the clean pool and having to scoop the crap out every day till they leave" drama.

Hopefully the delay will not have given algae an extra 10 days to form. It got in the 70's/80's for 1 week, but then went back to the 60's (40's/50's at nite). We shall see. Do you think it may just be "better" to open mid-May as we have in previous years and just deal with the bird drama rather than take a chance with giving potential algae another 10 days to think about forming, lol?

I have a question based upon a discussion we had last season regarding metal seq. Whether I add chl first, then seq or seq first then chl, the pool has turned emerald the last 2 seasons (then of course cleared up within a day or 2).

In your opinion, would you add the metal first or the chl first? If I add the chl first (the pool will prob turn emerald right away), can I add seq right away or do I need to wait until the initial dose of chl filters for one cycle?

I know you should add 1 chemical at a time, but perhaps seq in an exemption to that rule? Just want to get whatever procedure down to a science, or perhaps it doesn't matter? FYI, 2015 I added the chl first, it turned emerald right away, and then I added the seq within a couple hours as I had to go to store to buy some.

2016 I added seq first, waited 24 hours, added chl over 3 days till it held, and the pool turned emerald about the same time I had the chl stable (about 4 days after I added the initial seq dose). I added another half bottle of seq and it cleared within 24 hours.

On a non-pool subject, how go all in FL? The website looks great as always. How goes the business, and how is all with your family?


Hi Blaise. Great to hear from you.
Getting ready for another Summer.

I believe, according to Jack's Magic, you shouldn't super chlorinate with the seq. in the pool. I would clear up the pool, allow the FC to drop to 5 ppm or so, then add the seq. If i'm reading the email correctly, that's what you did last year and it worked.

For the actual science of it, it would probably be best to talk to a rep from Jack's. They're local and very good at answering questions.

Everything is good. The videos and eBooks are doing well and I have 2 consults this week. Emails are pouring in.

Family is doing well. My son did a little thing at his school using Uptown Funk. You can see that on my YT channel. Nothing major to report. Just really busy with the site and questions.

Thanks again and have a great Summer.


As always, thanx Robert. Happy things are going well with both business and family. If I can assist with anything business-wise you know where to find me. A new twist with opening his year. I'll give you the short version in case you want some pictures for your site. We had some algae on the upper part of the walls. The water was not crystal clear like in your other pictures of my pool, but was not too bad.

We got the new variable pump going, and vac'd the leaves, worms, etc. and brushed the whole pool. I then shocked the pool. Instead of turning emerald green as in a previous year when I added CHL first, it turned a very murky looking brown.

I tested after 4 hours just for fun, and it was 18 with 0 CC's. After a full turnover, it (to my amazement) held at 16 with 0 CC's from 4pm yest till 530 am this morn. The water is not quite as murky today, and you can see the dead algae on the pool bottom which we will vac to waste later today. Presently waiting for the CHL to at least get into single digits B4 adding the metal stuff.

Anywho, Betsy has been taking pix so far, and if you want them we can forward once the pool reaches stock photo status. Lemme know. Have a great holiday weekend, talk soon.

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