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I have asked questions in the past and have purchased your brochures. We had high CYA. We also had stains, which I had sent a pic, rec ascorbic acid.

I am confused with the 3" chlorine tablets, we have the outside automatic feeder. Do you need them, as they are $$$, we use liq chlorine, no powder shock.

Hi Carol. No you don't need to use tabs, but we need to understand what they actually do. You have them to release 1 ppm FC per day so your FC doesn't bottom out. But this is dependent upon your pool size compared to how many tabs are needed.

Many people use them for convenience so they don't need to monitor the FC twice per week. The drawback is the more tabs you use the faster the CYA will increase.

So, if you can add and test the chlorine twice per week and maintain a good FC level, there's no need to use tabs on a weekly basis. I'd test the FC Mon and Fri night and make FC adjustments.


Thanks Robert.

I will try that.

I have a test kit for just ph, chlorine, ta. I take a water sample in every 2 weeks for the other. Last month, they said everything was fine. I asked why I have yellow mustard like in pool, They checked the phosphate and it was 2500. I know what you say about phosphates.I got the remover, but what a mess, cleaning the filter etc, using DE.

I have since gotten a phosphate tester. Yes, I know I need the one you suggest, but the cost.

Another story since then, took the water sample to Pinch a Penny, they said it was fine, but our calcium hardness was too low at 150. I did read what you said. Took water in the other day to reg place, they said our CH was
250 and leave it alone.

Do you see why us homeowners trying to save money have to deal with these pool places???? It's so frustrating.

Another example, last year when I did the ascorbic acid, I had taken it to Pinch a Penny and they said I need a new pool surface. I am not completely
dumb. I do see a few in our neighborhood resurfacing pools. The area here is about 15 years old???

I am sorry for going on and on. I need a pool school, as this is so hard to understand.

Thought you might like this info.

Hi Carol. You have been what is called "pool stored". I have my water tested at PAP on occasion. One week the guy tested the CYA at 40ppm. The next week, new guy, he tested it at 100 ppm. Go figure. One is perfect. The other is way too high.

It's for this reason I wrote my eBooks, offer phone consults, then finally made a video series.

It really is easy to understand. I trained many lifeguards at the YMCA in Albany, OR on how to maintain a 100k salt pool. 16 - 17 year old kids. They never had a pool or a job and yet they were able to do this. The pool was not a modern automated one. They had to manually add chemicals. We passed every state health inspection and the pool was always perfect.

The point is this. You have success when you're properly taught, trained, and equipped.

Phosphate removers are basically useless. Unless you had 3 bags of fertilizer dumped into your pool, there's no reason to use it on a weekly basis.

Again, it's for the reasons you stated that I wrote my eBooks and made a complete video series. It's to teach, train, and equip pool owners on the basics of pool maintenance and clearing up their pools.


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