Above Ground Pool Parts

Above ground pool parts are essential to your pool fun. 

A pool diving board and swimming pool lights can add great value and enjoyment to your above ground and inground swimming pools. 

The right pool water chemistry is needed to keep a swimming pool safe and can save you much time and money.

Virtually every pool owner can maintain his own swimming pool and get the same results as a professional monthly pool service. 

Above Ground Pool Parts You'll Need

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Pool Cleaning Supplies

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Pool Test Kit

Swimming Pool Care 

  1. Purchase and learn to use a good water testing kit. I prefer the Taylor Reagent FAS-DPD K-2005 or K-2006 pool maintenance kits. These kits are user friendly but require some practice in getting the "swirling" technique down. 
  2. A good water testing kit will save you time, money, and frustration in the long run for both inground and above ground pool maintenance.
  3. Remember: when using these water testing kits, you need to "swirl" the mixture.
  4. A good leaf rake, not those little blue square nets.
  5. Telescopic pole. They usually come in 12-16 feet in length.
  6. Wall and bottom brush
  7. Floating thermometer
  8. A good swimming pool cover pump might be in order
  9. Bromine tablets for your Hot Tub and/or chlorine tablets for your swimming pool. You may also want to investigate swimming pool chemical feeders. This keeps a constant flow of chlorine in your pool, even when you're not there.
  10. Sodium Carbonate or 20 Mule Team Borax. This is used as a pH increase. Try to keep your pH level between 7.2-7.8.
  11. Calcium Chloride to increase your pool's calcium hardness calcium hardness.
  12. Muriatic Acid to lower your alkalinity and pH
  13. Heavy duty rubber gloves for adding chemicals
  14. A safe swimming pool slide.  Take your time and look around for quality above ground pool parts.
  15. A sturdy swimming pool diving board.  There are many from which to choose.
  16. A good swimming pool ladder. There are many available styles. You can get many above ground swimming pool ladders and inground pool ladders with either two, three, or four steps. Just be sure it is stainless steel, has an anti-slippery surface, and no sharp edges.
  17. A sturdy set of swimming pool steps for both above ground and inground pools
  18. Rescue hook
  19. Swimming pool chlorine can be in either granular or liquid form. Calcium hypochlorite is granular and sodium hypochlorite is liquid. A word of caution: If you live in an area that has high calcium and/or pH fill water, you may be better served using liquid chlorine or bleach because the granular chlorine does contain about 30% calcium and has a higher pH level. It's always a give and take.
  20. Ring buoys
  21. Swimming pool backwash hose
  22. swimming pool vacuum and hose
  23. Extra DE, cartridge, or sand for your sand filter
  24. Automatic Water Filler
  25. A phone and emergency numbers

This list of above ground pool parts will help you along your way through a journey we all call, "Owning a swimming pool and having fun!"

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