Above Ground Pool Turned Brown Then Green

by Vern

I put a 15' x 48" pool on the 3rd of June was filled 18 hours later.

We have well water so the water was orange. I took a sample to Pinch a Penny they had me put in Metal Out, Yellow Out, muriatic acid, and 2.5 gallons of chlorine in.

Pool turned brow then green.

That was on Monday 6/06.

Then they had me put in 10 more gallons of chlorine, another bag of Yellow Out and more muriatic acid.

This is Saturday 6/11. It's still cloudy green and has been since Tuesday.

I give up.

What do I do, throw it out?

Thanks for the question Vern

We''ll start from the first part of your question.

You have well water, which means you probably have a high iron and copper count.

A metal sequestrant is used for this. It doesn't get rid of the metal, it only binds to it and keeps it in solution, to get filtered and back washed out.

Because metal sequestrants break down over time and get filtered and backwashed out, you need to weekly dose your pool if you have high iron and copper.

Metal sequestrants that are based on HEDP, phosphonic acid or something similar are the most effective.

Jack's Magic Blue, Purple, and Pink Pink Stuff, Metal Magic, Metal Free, & Metal Klear are very good.

Next, why is the pool store telling you to add muriatic acid?

This is only used to reduce pH and alkalinity. Maybe you could give me your pH and alkalinity readings.

If the pH is between 7.6 - 7.8ppm (you can go down to 7.2ppm and still be safe) and the alkalinity is between 80 - 100ppm (up to 120ppm is fine) there's really no need to be adding acid.

Then there's the chlorine. The questions says the
pool is 15 X 48 which means it holds approx. 4500 gallons of water.

To get a good shock you would use (between 12 - 15ppm) 2 gallons of liquid chlorine.

Swimming Pool Chlorine

Pool Shock

But, I can probably say with a high degree of certainly that you have no stabilizer in the pool.

This is cyanuric acid /CYA.

Most chlorine, either granules or liquid, is unstabilized.

6 gallons of chlorine will shock a 50,000 gallon pool. 10 gallons for a 4500 gallon pool is way too much.

If you put chlorine in and it's gone within a day, there's either algae, which is consuming the chlorine, or you have no CYA.

Shock with Dichlor chlorine. This has the CYA in it, but be careful as it can get away quickly.

For every 10ppm chlorine added by Dichlor, you'll raise the CYA by 9ppm.

Once the CYA level is up (normal maintenance is between 30 - 50ppm), you'll need to manually dose the pool with daily with liquid chlorine to keep the level up to kill the algae.

So, Dichlor to shock until you get the CYA up, then daily dose with liquid chlorine to keep it there..

Maintaining your chlorine level relative to the CYA level will kill algae faster.

Once the algae dies, you're pool will be cloudy. This is normal.

Keep filtering and back washing once per day until the pool clears. It could take a couple of days up to a week, depending on the kind of filter.

Here's good post to read:

Pool Algaecide Turned Water A Clear Emerald Green...Now What?

If the pool turns a clear emerald green after chlorinating, it normally metals in the water. I touched on metals above.

Hope this helps and let me know how it turns out for you.

Best of luck.


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