Above Ground Pools - Which Is A Good Brand To Buy

by Les Goger
(Waterdown, Ontario Canada)

We currently have a 12' Dolphino pool with the blow-up top ring. Kids have had fun with it over the years, but they are getting to big for it.

Thinking of going to an above ground pool for next year. I know nothing about above ground pools. We would like a salt water pool.

Is there a particular brand of pool I should be looking at or not looking at? What are some pitfalls if any.

Any infomation you could share would be much appreciated.

Thanks for the question Les

Above ground pool companies have been bought out and consolidated in the last few years. The post above goes into a little more detail about that.

Many make the same pool but sell them with different names. Kinda like a Chevy truck and GMC truck.

Basically the only thing that's different is the name, with perhaps a few modification.

Don't simply go on price alone. Dealers will always run specials but they might be selling a low quality product.

A good site is http://www.epinions.com. They go solely on customer reviews.

Check out the warranties and be sure you understand everything about it. You'll want to try to have labor covered as well as parts.

With the economy the way that it is, dealers might be willing to give in a little, if you're willing
to stand your ground.

Remember, he's not the only guy who is selling pools. You have other options.

There are some basic points which will help you:

1. Do you want a 48" or 52" deep pool. That's about 4 - 5 feet. Sorry, I don't know the metric conversion of that.

2. The size and shape that best fits your backyard and your family

3. Which wall pattern fits your landscaping?

You want a pool that compliments your yard.

Pools that offer a 100% warranty/guarantee for the first couple of years and then have a long pro-rated warranty period are normally better pools.

It should take no more 3 - 4 people one day to install the pool.

Doughboy and Intex have been around for a long time and have a pretty good reputation.

Here's a good site that you might like:


Steel pools are very durable and come in a variety of protective coats and finishes.

Aluminum pools are rust resistant but aluminum oxidizes and will weaken over time.

Resin pool are non- biodegradable. They will not rust, pit, or peel like a steel or aluminum pool might.

If possible, try getting a cartridge filter. Many above ground pools come with a sand filter that is normally inadequate.

Hope this helps a little and have fun choosing your next above ground pool.


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Did Jacuzzi Make A Swimming Pool?...Spa & Hot Tub

by Penny

Did Jacuzzi ever make a swimming pool? I can't find anything online, but I'm being told that my pool was made by Jacuzzi. Did someone buy them out?

Thanks for your question Penny

To the best of my knowledge the real business of Jacuzzi hot tubs, as we know them today, started around 1948. There were seven brothers (last name Jacuzzi) who immigrated from Italy to Amercia back around 1900.

About 1948 a brother had a son who was injured and in pain. The only time he could find relief for his son was in the hospital's whirlpool. The brother, Candido, didn't want to wait in between visits for his son, so he used his knowledge of motors and the "whirlpool" effect and made his own kind of whirlpool, and he named it a "Jacuzzi".

They started to mass-market these after their popularity grew. Jack Benny and Suzanne Somers were spokespeople for Jacuzzi, back in the day.

They have not, to the best of my knowledge, constructed any pools, per se, but there might be some off-shoots of the name.


Jacuzzi has expanded their business to include all kinds of hot tub, spa, and swimming pool parts and accessories.

In October 2006, Apollo Management bought out Jacuzzi Brands for about $990 million.

Hope this answers your question


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What To Do With A Brand New Above Ground Swimming Pool

by Erik

Hello - I have a brand new, unopened, still in boxes above ground swimming pool. It is a NAMCO pool that was purchased several years ago and never installed. It's been sitting in my garage for years and I was wondering if you had any thoughts as to how I could go about selling it or any other ideas you have. I called around to get quotes to install it, but it is not worth it and I am just going to buy a new pool and have it installed by the company I buy it from. I appreciate your feedback.

Hi Erik. I would first list it on Craigslist. Pretty much anything you want or want to sell can be found there. Next, you can ask your local pool store about possible customers. You can tell them that you want to sell a new in-the-box pool. See if they'll let you place a for-sale sign in their store. Another good avenue is eBay if you have an account with them.

You can also add in a stock photo of your particular pool so show what it can look like when it's assembled.

You can call Namco and see what their return policy is. And of course the old fashioned way is to run a small ad in your local paper.

Hope this helps.


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