Affordable Salt Generator For 65,000 Gallon Pool

by Patricia
(New York)

I have an inground pool that holds approximately 65,000 gallons. I want to switch to salt water.

Can you tell me if they make an affordable salt generator for a pool that big?

Thanks for the question Patricia

I have found that Hayward and Pentair filters are pretty bullet proof, provided you take care of them.

Hayward Aqua Rite Chlorine Generator and AutoPilot Pool Pilot Digital with CoPilot are also good chlorine cells.

For 65,000 gallons you're getting into the realm of a commercial pool size. Most residential pools run anywhere between 10,000 - 35,000 gallons.

Because of the size of your pool you're probably looking at spending between $2500 - $3500 for a quality salt cell.

To take care of your cell and for more information you can go to my link here:

Salt Water Swimming Pools

Chlorine Generator

If you do switch to a salt pool I would highly encourage you to get a Myron salt meter. A little spendy...I think about $400. There's a picture of it on the salt water pool link.

You need to manually test the water and compare that with the reading you get from the salt cell. TMI can give you all the details.

And remember to calibrate the meter once per month. They also have salinity water that's already calibrated to 3000ppm. Ask about that as well.

The company that I use for the YMCA salt pool is TMI Salt Pure. They are very reliable and can answer your questions in detail.

Their # is 1 800 818 8266

Hope this helps and good luck with your pool.


Also check out this post:

Replacement Chlorine Pump & Filter Suggestion For A 28x56 foot x 7.5 Depth & 3.5 Depth Inground Pool?

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Salt Generator..Change A Chlorine Pool Into A Salt Pool

by Robin


Installed a 16x40 inground pool last year using chlorine as sanitizer.

At end of year I bought and installed a salt generating cell system.

Wondering how I transition pool from chlorine to salt pool?

Thanks for the question Robin

Converting a chlorine pool into a salt pool is fairly simple, but you need to do a some extra steps in order to keep it working properly.

You'll need to keep some extra salt on hand. Go this post post I recently answered:

Which Salt To Use In A Salt Water Swimming Pool?

And study these pages as well:

Salt Water Swimming Pools

Chlorine Generator & Salt Cells

Be extra sure you know the salinity range of your salt cell. If the salt water gets too high it can burn the chlorinator up.

Get a Myron salinity analog meter. The company I use for the YMCA salt pool is TMI Salt Pure out of WA state.

I've been working with them for over 3 years and they're great.

Also ask about salinity water to calibrate your meter.

I suggest you get a Taylor FAS-DPD K-2006 test kit. It's the best and the one most pool professionals use. You can see and purchase it here:

Water Testing Kit

Pool Water Testing

So, here you go:

First is to add a chlorine generator to your pool's plumbing system.

You've already done that step, but this is for those who are thinking about it later on.

If your pool water hasn't been changed out in a few years I would recommend draining about 1/3 - 1/2 and refill with fresh water.

Start adding salt to your pool water. The amount of salt that your pool requires depend on the size of your pool.

For an average 20,000 gallon pool you will need 7-10 50lb. bags to bring your saline level to the correct reading of 3000-4000ppm.

Start low and work your way up. It's easier to add salt and/or chemicals than to remove them.

Once you've put in a few bags you'll want to check your salt generator control panel for the salt level.

It can take several hours to update because the salt is going through the entire system.

Leave the pool pump on during this process.

Once you've reached the desired salt levels, let the pump run for 5 days - 24 hours a day.

Keep a daily log of when you check your salt levels. This way you can identify any patterns and make the right adjustment.

Your salt levels should begin to stabilize.

Run your pool pump 8- 10 hours per day in the Summer.

You might need to play with the chlorine level until you get it dialed in right. Start low and work your way up.

Remember the two most important parts of having a salt system are:


Have fun with your new salt pool and have a great and safe swimming season.


New Question: Salt Water Pool Care..Difference Between A Salt Pool & A Chlorine Pool

By: Rory
From: Lancaster, PA
Date: May 18, 2011

I'm just getting ready to start filling my 15'X 42" above ground pool and am changing to salt water.

Is there much difference in caring for salt water than a chlorine pool?


By: Robert
Date: May 18, 2011

Thanks for the question Rory

I have personally taken care of hundreds of pools in Arizona and have been the pool operator at our YMCA for 3 years now.

The Y has an 80,000 gallon salt pool, so everything I've learned since 1999 about the differences between salt vs. chlorine pools can be found in these links and answered questions:

Salt Generator..Change A Chlorine Pool Into A Salt Pool

Which Salt To Use In A Salt Water Swimming Pool?

Swimming Pool Algae & Opening A Pool..HELP!!

Salt Water Pool Maintenance Guide

Salt Water Swimming Pools

Chlorine Generator & Salt Cells For Salt Water Swimming Pools

There's also many other answered questions about salt pools and chlorinators on this page. There's lots of great information:

Swimming Pool Questions and Answers

If you have another specific question concerning your pool, please feel free to email back.

Best of luck with your pool and have a great and safe swimming season.


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