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Feb 12, 2012
How To Choose A Reputable Pool Builder
by: Anonymous

Robert great advice. Is there a website to help chose pool builders in the Tulsa, OK area based on performance, service, and reputation.

I don't know of any pool dealers or contractors in Tulsa, nor any websites, but here are a couple of pages to look over. They give detailed questions you would ask a contractor before any pool installation.

Cost Of Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool Financing

You can start with the BBB. They should have a good list of reputable dealers and contractors in your area.

Next is word of mouth. Talk to other people who have the kind of pool you want. Ask alot of questions.

You could also check with your local and state departments and find out if there are outstanding complaints against any contractors. If there are, try to find out why. You can call the contractors up and find out why the complaints weren't resolved. If the complaints are newer (within a couple of months), cut them some slack but still ask them what the complaints are and, specifically, what they're doing to resolve it. If there are complaints a year or two old, that's a big red flag.

And be sure to document everything, all phone calls, who you talked to, and especially their responses. You could see a pattern developing that could serve you in the future.

Basically, you need to be a detective. Ask many questions and due your due diligence. Remember to ask specific questions and get specific answers. Vague answers are a give away that something is trying to be hidden.

Remember to follow up on everything. What I mean is this - Let's say something was supposed to come in a week ago, but hasn't arrived yet. You talk to the installer or contractor and they say "Larry" is taking care of it and the part or XYZ should be here in a couple of days. You say "I want to talk to Larry". They say "No, you don't need to. I talked to him already and everything is alright."

Bottom line is this - When someone says you don't need to talk to Larry, that's when you really need to talk to Larry.

Good luck with your pool and let me know how it turns out for you.


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