Black Stains On My Above Ground Saltwater Pool

by Randy
(New Jersey)

I changed to saltwater in my above ground pool.

It has black stains on the liner from the winter freeze.

How do I get that off of the liner without hurting the saltwater?

Is there a special cleaner to use for saltwater?

Thanks for the question Randy

First you need to verify what the stains are.

This is a good post for stains on a liner:

Vinyl Liner Has Dark Stains On Bottom

This post basically tells you how to identify which stains they are, either mineral or organic, and what to do for each case.

Salt water pools are basically the same as chlorine pools. There are a couple of exceptions, but they're pretty simple and straight forward.

I would encourage you to look over these pages:

Salt Water Swimming Pools

Chlorine Generator

How Do You Clean A Salt Water Cell?

Which Salt To Use In A Salt Water Swimming Pool?

There's lots of great information on the Q&A page concerning salt pools and chlorine generators:

Swimming Pool Questions and Answers

I've been the pool operator for our YMCA salt pool (80,000 gallons) for the last 3 years and the above posts are what I've learned since then.

The main thing is to test your salt level and keep it within range of what the manufacturer sets. You'll want to get a hand held salinity meter.

The one I use is an analog Myron salinity meter.

Don't simply push a button on your salt cell. The salinity needs to compared to a manual test.

This is why many salt cells have burned up.

You remove stains in a salt pool as you would any regular chlorine pool.

Hope this helps and have a fun and safe Summer.


Follow Up Comment

By: Randy
Date: June 21, 2011

Thanks, I'll read over the pages and see if there is anything else other then what you say here. I appreciate your help.


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Rusty AG Pool-Salt Water

by Wanda

Can anyone advise me on a certain brand of AG pool that will withstand salt water?

We bought a steel wall AG pool in 2010 and I informed the people when ordering it that I would use salt water. They assured me the pool I ordered was compatible with salt.

Well, I don't know how my pool is still standing up right now because it is so rusted. I am looking into Asahi resin pools, would love to hear testimonies from people with this pool and salt water use.

If anyone out there can confirm use of salt water with any kind of hard wall AG pool for more than 5 years, please pass this info to me :-)

Thanks for the question Wanda

Sorry to hear about your situation. In know from experience that salt pool do have only 2 benefits. The first is the salt makes the water feel better. 2nd, you don't need to manually add chlorine to the pool, just keep an eye on the salt level. Other than those, there's no redeeming value in having a salt pool.

An above ground pool should be a resin pool or a PVC vinyl pool when using salt water. Most above ground pools only have powder coated metal. The salt corrodes the metal parts and shorten the life. Most of the time the liner is only 20 mil.

Some pools to look into are Vogue Oceania, Vogue/Zodiac Dynasty, and the Vogue Zodiac Royal. I believe Splash Super Pools and Doughboy make resin and PVC models as well.

Last would be Intex pools.

This question will go on my blog page which is viewed by thousands of visitors. Maybe someone has another viewpoint.

Basic Swimming Pool Care Blog

If you would like personal assistance, I do phone consultations for a donation of your choice. It makes things go much faster and many people have found it extremely beneficial. All your questions will be answered. I have nothing to sell you so you know I'm not bias. If you choose to not go that route, we can correspond by email but it will slow the process down.


Hope this helps and have a great Summer.


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