Gallons Of Water For Above Ground Pool

by Becky

How many gallons of water does my pool hold? It is a 27 foot by 54 inch high above ground round pool. When I bought it they said over 19,000. My local pool store says 17,500. I have been thinking of converting it to a saltwater system.

The one I looked at said it was for pools up to 18,000 gallons but I'm a little nervous if it works. Thanks so much for your help.

Thanks for the question Becky

It's very easy to determine the amount of water your pool holds. A simple math equation will do it:

Diameter X diameter X depth X 5.9 (multiplier) = gallons

Your pool is 27 diameter with a depth of 4.5ft.

27 X 27 X 4.5 X 5.9 = 19,354 gallons

If you want to convert over to a salt pool, you should go a little bigger on the salt cell, say up to 25,000 gallons or so. It's easier to dial the cell down a notch or two instead of keeping it cranked up.

Here are some good posts to look over:

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There's also a huge list of answered questions in the salt water pool category on the Questions & Answers page.

Remember that a salt pool is not a chemical free pool. There are basically two reasons why people convert to a salt pool: the water feels better and the convenience of not needing to manually add chlorine on a weekly basis. Remember that a good salt cell can run you between $500 - $2000 so keep that in mind.

You test the water the same way you would a regular chlorine pool.

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Hope this helps and have a great Summer.


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Calculate How Many Gallons Is My Outdoor In Ground Pool?

by Theresa Connolly
(Phoenix AZ )

I estimate that my pool is 22' by 8' and it is a diving the deep end is pretty deep. The shallow end seems to be about around 3 and a half deep.

The deep end must be at least 8 or 9 feet deep. I tried to estimate the depth myself, but I get confused? I came up with around 40,000 once and 8,000 another time. So now I am really really confused...:) Can you help me figure out the gallons in my pool.

Thanks for your question Theresa

Figuring the gallons in your pool is pretty simple, once you have the correct formula for your calculations. For a rectangle pool:

(Deep End + Shallow End) divided by 2 = Average Depth

Average Depth X Length X Width X 7.48 = Gallons

For a round pool:

Depth X Diameter (squared) x 5.9 = Gallons

Free form pool:

(Deep End + Shallow End) divided by 2 = Average Depth

(Width A + Width B + Width C + ...) divided by (number of measurements) = Average Width

Average Depth X Length X Average Width X 7.48 = Gallons

So I will assume that your pool is a rectangle pool, or pretty close to it. Let's take a look at the calculations:

22' by 8'

Shallow end is 3.5' and deep-end is 9'.

3.5 + 9 = 12.5'

12.5' divided by 2 = 6.25' Average Depth

Average Depth (6.25) X Length X Width X 7.48 = 8,228 gallons.

If your pool is not a rectangle pool, then using one of the other above calculations will work just as well. Hope this helps and have a great Summer


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