Can An Above Ground Pool Be Installed In A Yard That Floods?

by Melinda

Please help! About 6 months ago we had a Doughboy installed and buried. 2 weeks after it was finished we had a lot of rain and our yard flooded, collapsing the pool.

We did not fill with slurry so that voided the warranty. A $20,000 + loss! My kids were heartbroken and I am just sick about it. I am determined to get them a pool!

My question is can an AG pool be installed in a yard that floods about 3 times a year and about 8 inches of water when it does flood? If so what steps do we need to take to make it possible?

Also, we plan on putting the AG in a different area than where the pool that collapsed was so it will be on solid ground. Thanks for your help.

Thanks for the question Melinda

Sorry about the loss of your pool. A $20,000 mistake is never fun. On a side note, do you have flood insurance? Also insurance against the pool collapsing again and water damage.

About your question, my pool route was in Arizona where we didn't have too flooding in residential areas, unlike here in Oregon where we get about 45 - 50 inches of rain a year. This is what a few people that I know did for their above ground pools.

I believe they had to go to the permit office and get a floodplain development permit. Check with your city to see if it's required. They found the highest level on their property to install the pool.

Once installed, they made a graduated slope from the ground to the pool, coming up about 10 - 12" from the bottom of the pool. This way the water would be dispersed from the pool and away from the base. Unfortunately you can't elevate an above ground pool. If you can, I'm not familiar with the process.

A barrier between the flood water line and your pool is the best bet. You can contact a local above ground pool installer and go over the details on the best way to handle your particular situation.

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Hope this helps and good luck with your pool.


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Cement Pool Above or In Ground?

by Doug
(Mt. Pleasant, SC)

We are just starting out research for a 15x30 cement pool. We understand there is a wide range of costs based upon features. My question is whether there is a cost differential for above ground installation. Some people in the area have these.

Thanks for the question Doug

I've been taking care of pools since 1999 and have never taken care of a concrete above ground pool. I've seen them but that's about it. An educated guess on the cost would be very similar to an inground pool of comparable size and shape. Of course there are many variables to consider such as size and amenities.

I suppose your best bet would be to talk to those who have a concrete above ground pool and compare that with those of inground pools. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages but the maintenance and chemistry is pretty much the same.

I hope this has answered your question to your satisfaction.

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Above Ground Pool Help

I am staying at my in-laws house and they won't be back til spring, they have an above ground pool (18' x 4' round); I have never had a pool and I am clueless as to what to do so they don't come back to a mess.

The pool is uncovered, about half full and dark green; they have a sand filter with 1 1/2 horsepower pump, a stand alone underwater vac (like a sweeper for your floors), a brush and net and a float.

There are no trees within 80' of the pool and they live in southern TN so it gets below freezing a little.

What needs to be done so that there are no problems when they want to get it ready this spring for the new season of use?

Thanks for the question. While every attempt is made by me to make my site as comprehensive as possible, there is no way to cover every circumstance in every area. I'd encourage you to first start on the Q&A page where you can find dozens of answered questions on how to clear up a green pool. What you're asking is what my entire site is about, namely, how to take care of a pool. One area of your concern is clearing up a green pool. The next area is weekly maintenance so it won't go green again. Those two areas are extensive and it's simply time prohibitive to go through absolutely everything.

I have taken the time to compile all of that information into 2 eBooks that you can find on my site. They are very comprehensive and will give you the information and details you need. I also offer personal phone consultations where you can talk to me for 1.5 hours and have all of your question answered. Here are the links to those pages:

Clear Blue Pool eBook
Clear Up A Green Pool eBook
Clean Pool & Spa Resources
Swimming Pool Consultation

Hope to hear from you soon.


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