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Swimming Pool Chlorine Tablets

These tabs (also called smart sticks) are a safe and effective way to keep your swimming pool clean, clear, and healthy.   It can also aid in keeping your pH level in line with no pH bounce.  For more convenience, put them in your tablet floater or a chlorine tab automatic chlorinator.  This will also help keep your pool maintenance cost in check.  Chlorine is one of the most inexpensive and effective ways to sanitize your pool water. 

Not only that, chlorine oxidizes and kills organic matter in your pool.  Adding the right amount of chlorine will ensure your pool is safe to swim in.

Chlorine tablets come in one-inch and three-inch sizes. I prefer the three-inch tablets.  They easy to handle and sometimes are less expensive than the smaller 1-inch chlorine tablets.  Larger three-inch chlorine tablets are very good to handle larger pools but smaller pools can do just as well.  You'll be using less of them which, in turn, saves money in the long run.

Trichlor Chlorine Tablets

Trichlor Trichlor, or trichloroisocyanuric acid, are sold as:

  • 3" (inch) chlorine tablets
  • 1" (inch) chlorine tablets

These are chlorine pucks that you can either put into a swimming pool floater or a chemical feeder.  Please remember these tab contain CYA which will increase your stabilizer.  They not meant for your pool's sole source of chlorine. 

Use A Tab Feeder Or A Tab Float

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2 Ways To Add Chlorine Tablets To Your Pool

When the water passes over the tablets they dissolve to increase the swimming pool chlorine and cyanuric acid level in the pool.  They will also lower the swimming pool pH because they tend to be on the acidic side.  Trichlor pucks are very convenient, but there is a catch.  When the CYA (pool stabilizer/conditioner) get too high, above 90 - 100 ppm, you will need to drain 1/3 - 1/2 of your water, refill, then start again.  Many times pool owners will be going along just fine until something happens like an algae bloom.  They test and re-test the pool water and everything seems fine, but the water keeps getting greener and they have no idea why.  Probably the CYA is either too high (above 90 ppm) or too low (below 20 ppm).

Use A Chlorine Tab Float

This is the easiest and most convenient and inexpensive way to add chlorine tablets to your pool.  Simply twist off the cap, add the tabs, put the cap back on and place in the pool.  It can't get much easier than that.   

Chlorine Tab Feeder

This is an inline system where you remove the cap off the feeder, add the tabs, and use the dial to adjust how much or how little chlorine your pools needs.

You need to remember that Trichlor tabs are very acidic so you need to keep the pump running at least 12 hours in the Summer and 4 - 6 hours in the Winter, unless you choose to winterize your swimming pool.  If the pump doesn't run long enough you'll get a build-up of pool acid and chlorine which can ruin your swimming pool cover and plumbing.  There are some chlorine tablets on the market that say it's safe to put them in the skimmer because they only dissolve when the water is circulating.  

Also remember that for every 1 ppm of Free Available Chlorine you will also add 0.6 ppm of CYA.  Without proper dilution and backwashing of the swimming pool water the CYA will build up very quickly.  A higher CYA means a higher level of pool chlorine needs to be used to properly sanitize your pool.  Every 10 ppm of pool chlorine that is added by using Trichlor tabs you will also increase your cyanuric acid level by 6 ppm.

Stabilized Dichlor Pool Chlorine

Something else that is good for swimming pool chemical maintenance is Dichlor, or sodium dichloroisocyanurate.  It is a granular, stabilized, and fast dissolving form of pool chlorine and is often used as a swimming pool shock or for weekly chlorination and pool maintenance. 

While Dichlor does add pool chlorine it will also increase your CYA level while lowering your pool water pH level. Take care in using Dichlor as your CYA can get out of hand very quickly. I never recommend using Dichlor for either weekly chlorination or routine pool shocking. The only times your really need it is when you have a newly filled pool or need to quickly get some CYA in the pool such as after a heavy rains when all of your chemical readings have bottomed out.  I would recommend liquid pool chlorine (sodium hypochlorite) as your pool shock. This kind of pool chlorine is good when you shock it and nothing will happen to the CYA level.  Calcium Hypochlorite will raise your calcium hardness and increase the pH level which are two things you don't to have happen.

Use Your Chlorine Tablets

Use your pool pucks on a regular basis.  These can be used in your salt water pool systems as well.  Keep an eye on the CYA level.  The range is 30 - 50 ppm for regular pools and 60 - 80 ppm for salt pools.  Regular use of pucks can reduce pool maintenance cost, weekly pool maintenance, and are great for pool water care.  Test the water with a good swimming pool test kit.  I prefer and have always recommended using an FAS-DPD K -2006 Taylor test kit. 

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Last Thought About Chlorine Tabs

  • Chlorine safety is a must so handle all chemicals with care
  • Unbalanced water can cause cloudy pool water, an algae swimming pool, and green pool water
  • Should be removed at swimming pool closing
  • Excellent for in ground swimming pools and above ground pool maintenance
  • Great way to control green swimming pool water

May cause swimming pool stains if left on the bottom of the pool.

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