Closing An Indoor Pool For The Winter

by Savi
(Ontario, Canada)

We are planning to close our indoor pool down for the winter. What is required for this process?

All equipment is located in the basement indoors and the pool room is part of the home construction.

It is approx 20ft X 40ft with a spillover spa. Depth is 3.5 ft in approx. half of the pool and 8ft in the balance. Since we have never closed it in the last 5 years that we have had the pool, we were wondering if closing it would be the same process as closing an outdoor pool by blowing the pumps out and the dectron unit and covering the pool.

Would this be sufficient or do we have to empty the pool also? The temperature can drop quite low in the winter months in Ontario (-30C--40C) and there is no other heat source to the pool room except through the dectron unit which also controls the humidity level in the pool room but cannot run to heat the pool and air without the pumps.

Please advise

Thanks for the question Savi

I have personally not closed an indoor pool for a customer, but from my understanding the process is the same as for an outdoor pool. Blowing out all the lines and removing the water from the pump is the best way to go. You can use anti-freeze designed for pool lines, but I've always found the safest bet is the remove the water from the lines.

You can go to this link to learn how to close your pool:

Swimming Pool Winterization..Chemistry..Care..Closing..Above Ground

You should also blow the water out any lines from the heaters and de-humidifiers.

The YMCA uses an older brand of de-humidification called a "Dry-O-Tron". It still works pretty well but it's showing the age of the unit. There's a massive amount of water going through it so it would be best to remove as much water from as much piping as you can.

There's no reason the empty the pool. Many pool owners leave their pools filled over the Winter months.

Hope this helps and have a wonderful rest of the Summer


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Pool Pump Operation In The Winter

by Steven
(Ridgeland, MS, USA)

How many hours per day should you run your pump in the winter?

We have an inground gunite pool. We live in the south where the winters are mild, too cold to swim but not cold enough to winterize or close the pool. In the hot summer days about April to October I run the pool pump 24 X 7.

Should I continue to run the pump 24 x 7 in the winter or can I cut it back?

I still clean the skimmers and pool daily so that it is ready when April comes around with little effort to open.

Thanks for the question Steven

It's good that you run the pool pump 24X7 in the Summer, although that might be a little overkill. Normally in the Summer the recommended 10 - 12 hours is sufficient, but if it works for your pool then keep that going.

In the Winter you can get away with running the pump about 6 hours per day. When the water temp. get below around 45 - 50 degrees pool algae becomes less active and you'll use less chemicals.

Hope this helps and have a great New Year


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Maintenance/Closing For Non-Use..Summer Time

We just purchased a home in Florida. We want to know if there is a way to close the pool during the SUMMER months as we will be at our home "up north".

Is it possilbe to close a pool for several months without the high weekly maintenance costs of a hired service?

Thanks for the question

To the best of my knowledge short of draining the pool there's no way to leave a pool alone all Summer without maintenance or using any chemicals. Within a matter of a couple of weeks you might have a green pool.

Your pool will need weekly maintenance but there are ways to cut down on the chemical and evaporation.

You can install a retractable pool cover or a simple and inexpensive solar blanket.

Be sure nobody uses the pool and you get a qualified pool tech to take care of it.

You might also be able to haggle on a monthly price for pool maintenance. By telling them your situation that may cut you a deal. Or if you pay for 3 months in advance.

Hope this helps


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Closing A Swimming Pool And Long Term Non-Use

I am going to be away for 24 months. I am getting a (solid/safety) cover for the pool. The swimming pool is inground/plaster. Do I keep the pump motor circulating and adding chemicals? Can I shut it down completely? What do I need to do for the pool water before closing?

Thanks for your question

Normally people close their pools for Winter and then re-open them in Spring. If you're going to close your swimming pool for 2 full years I wouldn't be surprised if you have a good mess come start-up.

First, I would go here to learn how to close your pool:

Swimming Pool Winterization

Is there anyone who could watch over the pool?

I would be hesitant to run the pool for 2 years if nobody is watching over it. If by chance you have a large amount of evaporation, even with a swimming pool cover, or a leak in the plumbing, this water loss will not be good for your filtration system as it will be running dry and will burn the pump motor up.

I would suggest closing the swimming pool using the link above and have someone check on the pool periodically. They can top off the water if necessary. If you have someone you trust, you can keep your pool open and have them balance the pool chemicals using the information on this site.

If you're planning to just shut it down then use the above link, but again, have someone check the swimming pool throughout the year, maybe once per month. Thanks again for the question


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