DE Filter Maintenance

by Becky
(South Carolina)

I have a question about my DE filter maintenance.

We moved into a house and I really don't have a clue about DE swimming pool filters. Out last pool had a sand filter, but I really don't know about these DE pool filter problems.

What do I need to do?



Thanks for your question Becky

DE swimming pool filters are called the "water polishers" of pools for a reason. They can get your pool water crystal clear in a very short period of time.

Swimming Pool DE Pool Filters

As with anything, there is a downside to DE filter. It takes some time and effort to clean them, which some people find not so nice.

When you do clean them you'll have a pile of Diatomaceous Earth on the ground that you'll need to clean up.

DE Pool Filter Maintenance

Also, after backwashing the filter you need to re-charge the grids with fresh DE.

You may not know exactly how much Diatomaceous Earth came out in the backwash so you never really know exactly how much to put back in.

The above links will give you a good run-down on what it takes to take care of your swimming pool filter.

With regular DE filter maintenance you should have a great looking pool for years to come.

Best of luck


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Losing Pressure On Return To Pool

by Beth Watson
(Salem, NJ)

I uncovered pool 2 weeks ago, assembled filter etc, up and running great, pressure fine, clear clean water. After a thorough vacumming and cleaning, then back wash I had little to no return pressure.

I plugged pool and took DE filter apart only to find the bottom holes which allow it to "wash out" clogged, I've only added one "dose" of DE.

After reassemble and restart - everything great again, pressure of return water is great... however it's been diminishing over time.

As the days go by I notice the "return" is weaker and weaker, thus not creating the "swirl" in pool which keeps surface bugs/dirt/pollen flowing towards skimmer.???

Any suggestions.

My husband is working out of town and I'd like to be able to take care of this.

Thanks for the question Beth

Loss of filter pressure is common. Low pressure will usually show itself as a suction side blockage, an air leak, or a pump problem.

The links above go into greater detail, but this list will give you an overview:

- Gasket on the pump basket lid.

- Check the pump impeller. It might be gunked up with debris.

- Making a slurry of DE, then put it in the skimmer. If you're adding DE straight into the skimmer the lines can get clogged.

- Skimmer and pump basket should be empty and clean

- Clean the pump strainer basket

- Stuck skimmer weir

Hope this helps and have a great Summer.


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Air Gurgling At The Multiport Valve On My DE Filter

by Bob
(Atlanta GA)

I have air gurgling at the multiport valve. I have a DE filter.

I have rebuilt the entire valve, replaced the body o ring on the filter, checked all of the o rings on the pump and still have the air noise.

There is no water at the site glass in the filter position.

The air noise seems to be a lot less when I move the valve to recirculate.

Thanks for the question Bob

I'd first ask you to check the Multiport (MPV) valve again. It could be the spider gasket was installed correctly, it's not seated well, or might be pinched down allowing air through the valve.

You may have put the key assembly in wrong. This can actually be put in the "new" filter position but might be in the closed or recirculate position.

You may have some kind of pump restriction. A clogged intake line or a pump or skimmer basket might be the issue.

An internal blockage such as a clogged impeller. Turn the breaker and pump motor ff. Remove the pump motor lid and basket. Stick your finger into the impeller opening. It should turn freely. Check for debris.

You can take the filter apart from the multi-port valve via the threaded unions and inspect the inlet and outlet pipes. Be sure there's no D.E. clog. Inspect the top manifold for clogs and inspect the grids as well for tears or rips.

Hope this helps and have a great Summer.


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