DE Filter..Low Pressure And No Suction At Skimmer

by Dan
(Cave Creek, AZ)

I have a DE Filter. Cleaned it, and had the grids checked (they were replaced 7 months ago).

New O-Ring on DE Filter, new O-Ring/Lid on in-ground Leaf-Vac, new O-Ring on Hayward Super II pump, new diffuser gasket, new set of pump seals, new housing gasket.

Still no suction at skimmer and Pool psi is 5 PSI (normally 12-15).

Pool also has an Ozone Generator hooked into the bottom of the Hayward housing. If not pump, DE Filter, then what? Will check & replace the Jandy valve O-rings next.

Thanks for the question Dan

Low pressure will usually show itself as a suction side blockage, an air leak, or a pump problem. If you see any continuous air bubbles out the returns? It could be a suction side air leak. One of the more common places is the gasket on the pump basket lid.

The next thing that you'll want to check in the pump is the impeller. It might be gunked up with debris. Turn the pump and breaker off. Remove the pump lid and basket and stick your fingers into the pump. The impeller should turn freely and there should be no debris in it.

Be sure you're making a slurry of DE, then put it in the skimmer. If you're adding DE straight into the skimmer the lines can get clogged. Also be sure you're adding the correct amount of DE using a real DE scoop, not a coffee can. Too much DE can clog the grids.

DE Pool Filters

1 pound of DE for every 10-12 square feet of filter space. Basically it's this: 48sf. DE filter = about 4 pounds of DE. (check your owner's manual for details and exact specifications)

DE Pool Filter Maintenance

Do you have more than one skimmer? If so, close one and fully open the other, then check the pressure. Do the opposite. If you lose pressure with the one open, you've found the problem. It's more than likely a clogged line.

There is a device that can help unclog lines. It's called an Aladdin Genie Jet. You hook it up to your hose and force water through the skimmer. Other than that and it's probably time to call in the professional leak detectors. Try the above first and let me know how it turns out for you.

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Swimming Pool Questions and Answers

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Hope this helps and have a great Summer.


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Losing Pool Return Pressure

by Michael
(Commack new yorklocket)

My pool is green flocked it power vac it changed de 3600 grids (all). Had Chema checked every other day same. Now after back washing water flow drops to almost nothing. Backed washed it made soup of earth and put in

Please help or off to cement pond. This is my first problem in 28 years.

Hi Michael. Low pressure can normally be a suction side issue. You can read about the trouble shooting tips at this post:

Low DE Filter Pressure

Everything from the skimmer/bottom drain to the pump motor must be perfectly working. Also check the impeller for blockage. The above post has the info. you need.


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