DE Leakage Into Pool

by Wayland

My DE filter is allowing the DE to pass from the filter into the water flowing into the pool resulting in DE settling on the bottom of the pool and any other flat surfaces.

What could be causing this?

Thanks for the question Wayland

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Due to space and repeating myself, I will combine your question with the first link, "DE Powder Returning To Pool".

If you can't find your answer in these other posts, or in the DE Filter section on the Q&A, let me know.

Swimming Pool Questions & Answers

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Hope this helps and have a great Summer.


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DE Powder Returning To Pool

by Henry Tefay
(Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)

Recently, after doing a backwash and regenerating my DE Filter with DE powder a little amount of DE returned back into the pool.

However, after opening the pump cover to empty the hair and lint basket and then running the filter again, a lot more of powder ended up back in the pool.

I disassembled the filter, cleaned the grids, couldn't find any tears in the fabric, put it all back again and still had the same problem.

I next replaced the manifold in case there was a tiny crack I couldn't see, inspected the grids again, put it all back again and still have a problem.

I then disassembled again, checked the O ring in the pipe stem and made sure the manifold fitted properly. Still didn't fix the problem.

I had a service guy come to inspect the multifunction valve and he thought it was okay.

I've now run out of ideas and would appreciate any comment you or visitors to your website might wish to make.

Thank you

Thanks for the question Henry

I know from first hand knowledge that DE filters can be a pain sometimes.

Here is a list of things to look for. This is basic but will give you a good staring point:

  • Torn Filter Grids - Remember to look at the very end of the grid. Sometimes a small hole will develop on the bottom of the "tube" of the grid.

  • Broken Manifold

  • Broken/Missing Air Relief Strainer

  • Broken Filter Necks - This is a bit tougher to detect. If the neck of the grid can squeeze together easily, it won't fit snugly into the manifold. This might cause the DE to bypass the grids.

  • Bad Backwash Valve

    Sometimes when the filter is taken apart there's a series of small cracks in the top manifold. It's possible the grids were somehow installed in the wrong order or the wrong positions.

    Be sure everything is fully seated down and fits together to ensure a good seal.

    Double check that no water is leaking out of the waste pipe when the multi-port is in the filter position.

    Hope this helps and let me know how it turns out for you.


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    DE In The Pool

    by Dave
    (San Jose, CA)

    I have been struggling with DE getting into the pool for years now. I have replaced all the grids and the top and bottom manifolds but still get quite a bit of leakage into the pool.

    Just wondering if there might be some other way that it's getting into the pool?

    Thanks for the question Dave

    I'm merging your question with other related questions. If this is not the answer you need feel free to contact me again.

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