Difference Between Inground And Aboveground Solar Covers

by Robert Ball
(Petawawa, ON Canada)

What is the difference between inground and aboveground solar covers?


Robert Ball

Thanks for the question Robert

There really is no difference in an above ground or inground solar pool cover. Each one simply sits on top of the water and keeps the heat in the pool.

Many people choose to have 2 different covers; a clear one for the day and either a silver, black, or blue one for the night.

I've found that it's easier to fit an above ground pool with a solar cover than an inground pool simply because many above ground pools are round and the covers can be trimmed.

Inground pools tend to be different shapes and sizes and make the trimming a bit more difficult.

Make sure your solar cover is just a bit larger so you can trim it to fit perfectly.

A very good clear solar cover is the MagniClear. I've had alot of people and some customers say it's one of the best they've ever had.

Have a fun and safe swimming season.


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Solar Blanket In Salt Generator Pool

by Mike Iacovelli
(Beaconsfield,QC, CA )

1/ I get a lot of salt on the top of my solar blanket, is that normal?

2/ The bubbles on my solar blanket are comming of in the pool

Is there a solar blanket made for salt pools?


Thanks for the question Mike

To the best of my knowledge there's no special kind of solar cover that is specifically designed for salt pools. One drawback of having a salt pool is the salt deposits that many pool owners have.

I would encourage you to be sure you have the correct amount of salt in the pool. Test the salinity weekly with a good salinity meter, don't just rely on the reading off the salt cell.

I used a Myron Analog meter at the YMCA salt pool. A picture can be found here:

Salt Water Swimming Pools

You can order this online from TMI Salt Pure in WA state. If you choose this route, ask them about salinity water to calibrate the meter.

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Hope this helps and have a great Summer.


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Pool Water Evaporation

by Michael
(Western Australia)

What is the best pool cover to stop evaporation. I have a half in, half out above ground swimming pool. At the moment I fill pool up every couple of days depending on the weather. Where I live it is harsh conditions in summer, temp never under 30 degree Celsius. Can you help in picking a good pool cover, something that will reflect the heat Ray's away. Any help would be grateful.

Thanks for the question Michael. Probably the best way to reduce evaporation is to use a cover. The most economical and easiest kind is called a solar cover, or solar blanket. Sometimes it's called liquid solar cover/blanket. It can help reduce evaporation up to 60 - 70%. I'm not sure what they're called in Australia, but that's what they're called in the US. However, there is a drawback. Solar covers trap heat inside the pool which will cause the water to be even warmer than it already is.

You can also invest in an automatic pool cover. You can put pretty much any kind of cover on it you want, from solar to safety cover to whatever. But again, with any kind of cover it will trap some heat inside the pool.

Hope that helps and have a great Summer.


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