Extremely Cloudy Water

by Kim

Love your U tube videos! We have a new 25000 gal in ground pool. At the start of the season, the water was pristene! After a swimming day with the grandkids, the water has been imbalanced and has gotten progressively cloudier. At the suggestion of our local pool dealer, we have tried several hundred dollars worth of chemicals to no avail. Recently we were instructed to shock the pool, at the rate of 5#, which we did 48 hours ago, again to no avail.

A test of the water we had done today by another pool co. showed that all of our 'levels' were within decent range, with the exception of the ph which was a little high at 7.7. We have been instructed to add 2 pts. of muratic acid, and if it doesn't clear up in 2 days, add 5# more shock. We have been on this yo-yo for almost a month now. Can you help?

The temp outside this week has been over 100. we have an auto cover, but have left the cover off for 2 days and nites now, and have added 3 inches of fresh water as well, to help drop the temp of the pool, which is about 90 degrees. I have had pools in the past and I just don't believe it can be this complicated! HELP! Thanks from Kansas. Oh- Total & free Chlorine is 2.1, ph 7.7-7.9, alkalinity at 131, total hardness 335, copper 0.2, not green, no algae, SUPER cloudy.

Hi Kim. I'm also going to need to know the CYA/stabilizer level. This is one of the determining factors. Going back to the pool store will only make it worse. Adding muriatic acid to lower the pH is, in part, part of the process, but won't clear up the pool in and of itself. And 5 lbs. of chlorine will chlorinate a 50k gallon pool. For your size you would only need 3 gallons of chlorine.

As you can tell from the videos, clearing a pool is a method and process, not a product you buy at the pool store. Unfortunately for you, but fortunately for the pool store, they're told to sell chemicals, and lots of them.

You also mention copper in the pool. That needs to be dealt with as well.

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