The Best Pool Party Invitations

by Eimear Browne

You can have a swimming pool on the front with people playing with a beach ball.

Underneath that is the title:

Eimear's Summer Pool Party!! Be There!!

Splish Spalsh It's A Summertime Bash!

(picture of me)

Will you take the plunge?

Diving Board
Swimming Ring

Food Is Provided For All Guests

You can serve:

Nonalcoholic cocktails







Sausage rolls

Mini pizzas

Let's keep it clean and fun.

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"The Most Amazing Pool Party EVA!"

Swimming Races

Biggest Splash Contest

Nosing Around:
push rubber ducks with your nose across the pool

Sharks and Minos

Relay Races:

  • Pick up 5 pennies

  • Push a ball from one end of the pool to the other

  • Swim backwards

  • Find 3 diving sticks hidden around the pool.

    Whoever finds them first, wins.

    Water freeze tag.

    Wet Shirt Relay:
    person swims with large shirt to end of the pool, gets out and give the shirt to the other player and they do that too.

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    Watermelon and Vaseline Pool Game

    by Sophie

    I have a game that has a watermelon in it. You take a small watermelon and Vasaline.

    First you rub Vaseline all over the watermelon. Then you put it in the pool and the first person to pick up the watermelon and place it out of the pool wins.

    Thanks for the swimming pool game. I'm sure it would be lots of fun, however, I wouldn't recommend it. The grease will eventually work it's way off the watermelon and find its way into the filter. This can cause the filter to not work properly and clog up the system.

    DE Filter & Sun Screen Lotion

    Don't mean to be a killjoy or a Debbie Downer, but I've degreased too many filters to count and purposely putting any kind of grease into a pool would be bad.


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    At - A - Trick / Swimming Pool Game

    One person does a water trick. The next person does the first person's trick and then a trick of their own. You keep going on like that until someone forgets what all the tricks are.


    -If someone forgets what a trick is, the other players aren't aloud to help that person out. The player is automatically out if he forgets.

    -If someone tells a person who forgets what the trick is, he is also automatically out.

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