Help Clearing Up Green Pool With A DE Filter

by David
(Altoona, Pa)

The pH is o.k. and hardness o.k. I have a 17,500 gallon pool using Baquacil. I added 4 bottles of shock, 5 pints of sanitizer, and 2.5 oz. of algaecide. I put clean filter in and put 3.6 pounds of DE in. Let it run for 3 hrs.

The pressure was at 10 lbs. and climbed to 16 lbs. I added 6 capfulls of Filter Helper and let it run all night. This morning the pool is still green and pressure is a hair over 16 lbs.

Would you have any help for me?

Thanks for the question David

It would be great if you could contact me with your complete chemical readings:





Cyanuric acid (CYA)

It's difficult to make a judgement when the question says the pH and hardness are "o.k.".

For the use of Baquacil products, I would encourage you to read this post:

Swimming Pool Algae With Baquacil Use

I'm not a big fan of Baquacil, and the above post goes into a little more detail. How big were the bottles of shock you put in? Were they a 1/2 gallon, one full gallon?

Let's say you put in 4 gallons of shock and you allowed for one full turnover of the water (normally about 8 hours). What was the chlorine reading?

The pressure on your DE filter will rise because it's fighting to try
to clear up the pool. It's being clogged with algae all the time. Once shocked properly, the pool will stay green for a while because it takes time for the shock to do its job in killing the algae bloom.

When the water turns a grayish/white, you know you're on the right track. You need to manually dose your pool daily with chlorine because the chlorine will be consuming the algae and the level will drop very quickly.

Keep the chlorine level above 8ppm while this is occurring. This is why constant testing is important. You'll need to back wash and recharge with fresh DE once per day.

Here are some good posts to look over:

How To Clear Up A Green Pool In Woburn

Green Swimming Pool Water In Above Ground Pool..Algae..Shock

How Much DE Powder Do I Need To Recharge Filter?

You can find your post at the bottom of the following page. It's also a good page about how to clear up a green pool:

Green Pool Water

And the pool Q&A page under the title "Help Clearing Up Green Pool With A DE Filter". It will be in the "Algae/Green Pool Water" category.

Swimming Pool Questions and Answers

If you could give me the chemical readings and how much Baquacil you've put in, I'm sure I can help.

Best of luck and hope to hear from you soon.


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