Heyward Pool Heater Problem

by Hank

I converted my pool to a salt system last year. Now my Heyward heater starts and runs fne but it produces very little heating. It will only raise the water temp about 1 degree for every 4 hours of operation and will not get the pool above 76 degrees even when outside temp is 70 degrees.

Any ideas will be appreciated.

Could the salt be plugging up the heater and if so, is there a fix short of a new heater?

Thanks for the question Hank

It is a possibility that the salt is clogging up the heater coils. If this happens the best remedy is to get a soft bristle brush and gently remove any salt residue.

Here are some other troubleshooting tips as well:

If you don't reach the desired temperature, the thermostat may be set too low

Be sure the heater cycles on and off before it reaches the desired temperature

You may have restricted water flow due to a dirty filter or a closed valve. The external bypass might need to be adjusted or the pressure switch out of adjustment. The thermostat may be out of calibration or needs to be replaced.

Be sure your heater is set on a non-combustible material like concrete

Ensure the 5-minute delay has passed if the delay timer is still running

A simple test is to turn the filter and heater on for about 15 - 20 minutes, then turn the pool pump off but keep the heater on for a maximum of 2 minutes. If the heater still runs after the two minutes, turn the heater off. More than likely it's an electrical problem. At this point you'll need to call in a tech.

Check the valve settings to be sure you have good water flow through the system. The heater might be cycling on and off too quickly.

If the heater cycles to quickly or continues to cycle without the proper amount of water flow be sure to turn the unit off so you don't damage compressor.

You may have too low outside temperature or high humidity with a low temperature

Be sure there's no ice or frost on the evaporator coils

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Hope this helps and have a great Summer.


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Coates Kiddy Pool Heater Problem

We run into a lot of problems maintaining the heat in our kiddy pool, and we do not know the cause of the problem.

Kiddy Pool Info:
Model: 32015CE
1800 gallons
3 phase

Thanks for the question

Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be enough information in the question to give a decent answer.

How many problems have you had? How long have you owned the heater? How long does it heat for? What temperature are you trying to maintain? How old is the heater?

Is it heating slowly? Not heating at all? Is it leaking? Shorting out? Is the flow switch not working?

Is there no pressure?

If you could give me a detailed question as to what it's doing, or not doing, and when, I might be able to help.


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Noisy Water Heater

by Bud Bergstrom
(Barnstable, MA)

I just had a Sta-Rite Max-E-Therm pool water heater installed and it is way too noisy.

I'm going to have it removed, but can you tell me if there is a quieter water heater available?

My last one made hardly a sound but this one has a fan that is louder than a vacuum cleaner.

Thanks for the question Bud

If my memory serves me right the Sta-Rite Max-E-Therm is a natural gas heater.

There are many on the market. Without knowing the size of the pool I can't say the size of the heater you'll need. One thing to keep in mind is to go a bit bigger. You can always dial it down a little. That's better than the heater straining to keep the heat in the pool.

The name brands I like are Hayward, Pentair, and Jandy. There's not too many heaters in Arizona where I had my pool route but there's lots here in Oregon.

Hayward seems to have many products that are very reliable and they've been around for many years.

If it was my pool, I'd look at the three brands above.


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Placement Of Pool Pump

by Mickey

I installed inground pool May of this year in south central Alabama. Water is too cold to enjoy.

Was told that my pump should be in the sun and not in the shade. If this is correct, what would be the best way to increase water temp?

Thanks for the question Mickey

Congratulations on getting a pool. I know you'll have fun with it for years.

Whomever told you that putting your pool pump in the sun to heat the pool might have been mistaken. I'm guessing that's what you meant. The pump lid has a very small surface area and the water is flowing through the pump so quickly that any sun that hits the water can't be heated.

Actually, having your pump in the shade is best. It keeps it a bit cooler and away from the direct sunlight.

You have some options when it comes to heating your pool. The most economical way is to use a solar cover.

The best way depends on where you live. If you get lots of sun, then a solar system might be the best. Up north they use electric and gas heaters.

You can look over the info. above then make your decision on what's best for your pool, circumstance, and financial situation.

Hope this helps and have a great Summer.


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