Pool Tank Pressure & Extra Sand In Filter?

by Matt

The hose that I am connecting to my pool tank (water going into tank from the fileter to be cleaned) will not stay connected - - it keeps popping off.

As we have a sand volleyball court in our yard and the players will often be full of sand when they jump in the pool - could this sand be filling up my tank after we vacuum the pool?

And creating too much pressure inside the tank to keep the hose connected?

I backwash and runse after each cleaning but it seems as if we vacuum up more than gets removed via backwashing.

Thanks for the question Matt

Have you checked the pressure gauge on the filter to determine if the pressure is rising too quickly? An easy way to determine if the gauge is working is to turn the pump off.

If the needle drops to zero, the gauge is fine. If it sticks, replace the gauge.

I'll also give you some links to look over about high sand pressure issues.

Why Does Air Pressure Build Up Inside My Sand Filter?

High Pressure Problem On A Swimming Pool Sand Filter

Be sure you're using the correct hose and it's clamped on correctly. Some hoses have a bottom and top.

Concerning people jumping into the pool right after playing volleyball, I would encourage you to have them take a hot soapy shower before swimming, or at least rinse off.

This is extra sand, grit, sweat, etc... that doesn't need to be in the pool.

It may cause an increase in chlorine use because anything that goes into the pool the chlorine will try to sanitize.

Organic matter such as sweat, urine, spit, make-up, and lotions, will chew up chlorine very quickly.

Hope this helps and have a great Summer.



By: Matt
Date: July 18, 2011

Thanks. I've had an above ground pool (two different locations) for almost thirty years now so I thought I knew my way around pools and their issues pretty well.

My tank is new this year and I've been replacing the sand every year now for the past several years.

My gauge is at zero with the pump off but I can't tell what it is when the pump is on because the hose keeps popping off too quickly and water is going everywhere.

As recently as a few days ago, the water pressure (water from the tank to the pool) was very good/strong.

I will be looking inside the tank later today to see about my excess sand theory. If it is not that, I will be at a loss.

The players rinsing before swimming is a good idea - and one I had thought of earlier but I did not
think this excess sand would/could create such a problem - and that it would flush out with backwashing.



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High Pressure After Changing Sand In Filter?

by Toni
(Tickfaw, Louisiana)

My pool has been empty and not used in more than a year. We just installed new liner and changed sand in top mount filter.

I just started it up for the first time and backwashed and rinsed, but my pressure is reading between 50-60psi.

Could I have done something wrong? I cannot find anything in the manual about this problem.

Thanks for the question Toni

First I'll direct your attention to similar posts:

How Often To Replace Sand In The Filter

High Pressure Problem On A Swimming Pool Sand Filter

Why Does Air Pressure Build Up Inside My Sand Filter?

Here are some other tips:

*Be sure the pump motor impeller is not clogged. Turn the breaker off and the pump motor. Remove the pump basket and stick your fingers into the pump. The impeller should spin freely. Also be sure the gasket around the pump lid is good. If it's cracked, broken, squashed/squeezed, you need to replace it.

*Check the pressure gauge. If the needle drops to zero when the pump is off, the gauge is good. If the needle sticks, it's bad, so replace it. The cost is about $10 - $15.

*Low water levels

*Skimmer weir stuck

*A broken suction line from the skimmer to the pool pump motor

*Loose pump lid or bad gasket

*Loose fittings in and out of the pump

*Worn our pump seal

If you need immediate assistance (within 24 hrs) or for emergency personal assistance, you can make a donation of your choice and I'll answer your questions by phone.

Contact Me


Hope this helps and have a great Summer.


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