Hot Tub Maintenance Tips

by James
(Midvale, Utah)

Hot tubs and spas need to be maintained just like your swimming pool does and in fact many of the methods of maintaining and winterizing your swimming pool can be applied to your hot tub or spa.

To help you keep your hot tub or spa running like new and to make sure it is ready for the winter we have a few tips for you to utilize.

Cleaning Your Hot Tub or Spa Shell:

To keep your hot tub or spa shell looking good it is important to clean it on a regular basis. To use this it is suggested to to use a mild, non-abrasive, non-sudsing cleaner. Simply take a soft cloth or nylon scrubber, apply a little of the cleaner and gently scrub the shell. After you have cleaned and dried your hot tub shell you can apply a product such as Spa Shine to protect, seal and bring back the shine of your acrylic or fiberglass shell. Of course this does not apply to inflatable hot tubs.

Additionally you can typically remove any of the pillows your spa has and clean them per your spa or hot tubs owner's manual. As far as your vinyl cover, the easiest method to cleaning it is to remove it and first gently spray it down with a garden hose to remove any dirt or debris. Next you can use a mild soap solution and scrub the cover in a circular motion with a sponge. Make sure to spray the underside of your hot tub cover, however do not use any soap. Finally, use a one of the many cover shield products to condition the cover
and keep it looking new.

How to Clean Your Hot Tub Filter Cartridges:

The cartridges in your hot tub filter can become clogged with mineral particles and prevent the filter from working properly. To clean them you need to spray each cartridge with a garden hose while rotating the filter to remove any debris that may be caught between the filter pleats. Next you should soak your filter in a filter cleaner made specially for hot tub filter cartridges. This process should be done once a month.

Removing Detergent Residue and Soap Film:

Soap film from your body and detergent residue from your bathing suit can accumulate in your hot tub or spa water . To remove this you simply need to periodically drain the water from your hot tub and refill it according to your hot tub owner's manual.

Winterizing Your Hot Tub or Spa:

If you live in an area that experiences freezing temperatures then it is suggest that you purchase a winter blanket. This is installed inside of your equipment compartment and provides insulation to many of your hot tub components that can freeze up.

Additionally you need to insure that your hot tub cover is fitted properly and the seal is tight so that heat can not escape. Make sure to remove any snow build up from on top of the cover regularly. The locks on your cover may develop ice and this can easily be removed by splashing hot water over them. Never try to pry the ice off.

Follow these steps and you will be able to keep your hot tub or spas running and looking new for years to come.

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