Keeping Pool Cool

Is there a type of floating pool cover that will help keep the pool water cool by reflecting the sun?


Hewitt, TX

Thanks for the question Mark

I have already answered this question. It can be found here:

How Can I Keep My Above Ground Salt Water Pool Cold?

Scroll down and there's a great tip from another pool owner that had this issue. Due to the nature of the question I will be merging your question with the link above.

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How Can I Keep My Above Ground Salt Water Pool Cold?

by Heather


I have an above ground salt water pool and it is HOTT!! Is there anything I can do?

Thanks for the question Heather

You have an issue that many above ground pool owners face; a very hot pool.

You do have some options. Each of these work to varying degrees.

You can install a 3-tier pool fountain. It allows to be easily attached to your pool’s existing pump. You'll want to turn this on at night to take advantage of the cooler temperatures.

Pool Fountains

The height of the spray is adjustable from 7 to 16 feet, and installation can take about 5 minutes.

Your evaporation will increase due to the extra water movement.

There's a company called Mist Cooling and they have products similar to pool fountains.

Glacier Pool Coolers has cooling systems that will cool hot swimming pools.

It's installed somewhat like a pool pump or heater in the equipment and cools the going into the filtration system and returns the cool water back into the pool thorough the returns.

If you're thinking about putting ice or dry ice in the pool, you can forget that.

A 500lb. block of dry ice will only cool a 12,000 gallons pool by 1 - 2 degrees, and it's very temporary, not to mention expensive in the long run.

To post a reply, or if you have a similar question, you can see your post (How Can I Keep My Above Ground Salt Water Pool Cold?) on the Q&A page in the "Above Ground Pools" category.

Swimming Pool Questions and Answers

Check back to this post for answers.

Hope this helps and have a great Summer.



By: Corey
From: Mesa, AZ
Date: July 14, 2011

The best way is as Robert said, utilize the existing pump and add a sprinkle/spray system that will keep water flowing and replace the top water.

Question: How Can I Keep Water In My Above Ground Pool Cool?

By: Brenda
From: Findlay, OH
Date: July 14, 2011

I read in an on-line forum that it might be possible to keep the water in my above-ground pool cool by using one of your three-tier water fountains.

Please advise.

Thank you.


By: Robert
Date: July 14, 2011

As per my email to you, this is your post and the answer.

Thanks and have a great Summer


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Keeping Pool Water Cooler In Summer..How To..

by Peter
(NSW. Australia)

Can you advise of what I can use to actually keep the pool water cooler in summer while still cutting evaporation and chemical loss.

Water does actually get way to hot in the Australian summer.

Thanks for the question Peter

There are a couple of ways to cool your pool in the Summer, but with heat and sun, the pool water will evaporate and chemical use will rise. This is like the Law of Gravity, and there's no way around it.

First, you can install a spray system on your pool. Your question doesn't say whether it's an above ground or inground pool, but I'll assume it's an inground swimming pool.

Most inground pools have a built in sprayer system just for this. They are mounted on the sides of the pool and can be turned on during the day to cool the pool while it's in use.

The sprayer system causes the water to evaporate a bit quicker, but it also catches the heat rising from the pool and puts it in the air.

Another way to have some kind of pool fountain, either floating or installed.

Pool Fountains

This works in the same manner as the water sprayer system.

A 3rd system is called a Pool Cooler from Mist Cooling. While I've not have personal experience with this kind of pool cooling system, I've heard from others that they seem to work pretty well. It might be something to look into.

Another way is obvious, to load up your pool with massive blocks of ice, but this is not cost effective, nor is it a long-term solution.

The other ways to cool your pool might be the best.

Hope this helps and have a great Summer


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What is the best way to keep a large inground pool cool?

by James Lea
(LaPorte Tx. Harris county)

I work for a Maritime training facility and cover the pool each night with a motorized pool cover. The water gets extremely hot causing problems for students training? What can I do to keep the temp. cooler?

Hi James. You have some possible options. Floating or spray fountains, or side sprayers, can offer a bit of relief by using aeration.

You can install a Reverse-Cycle Heat Pump but that might not be a financially viable option.

You can also go to this link but it's mainly for above ground pools:

You need a spray bar across the surface of the pool to cool it down.


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