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Mar 15, 2018
Good description
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your great topic about How Do I Bring The Chlorine Level Down In A Salt Water Pool? Everyone needs to read this review consciously.

Sep 21, 2015
by: Marc

I just wanted to say a quick thanks for the clear and easy to understand info you presented. I'm a new pool owner, and it's easy to get intimidated with all of the info out there. Thanks for helping folks like me understand what to do by providing information and experience!

Always glad to help


Dec 13, 2012
pH Is A Must
by: Anonymous

Not entirely sure what is meant by you aren't to check Alkalinity and pH if Chlorine is high. I run a salt water pool using a Cat Controller and Aqua Rite combination system. This allows me to maintain an ORP of 700 in my pool and 800 in my Spa.

Now I super Chlorinate after high usage and naturally if Pseudomanas or Coliform come back positive on a health board test. With Pseudomonas I super Chlorinate to levels of 50+ ppm and have no difficulty maintaining a ph of 7.2, Alkalinity of 100 and Hardness of 200.

The simple fact is, that if your pH is not maintained at levels between 7.0 and 7.6 then your Chlorine becomes ineffective. In other words pH is a must if you expect to kill bacteria.

So if you have done regular monitoring and find your levels are as I mentioned then you shouldn't notice any major changes when super chlorinating, at least I don't.

Good luck.

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