How Do I Get Out Wrinkles In Aboveground 24' Expandable Liner

by Bakeracres
(Slater, MO. )

Can't get slack or wrinkes out of the pool liner afer draining for repair.

I bit off more than I could chew.

Water temp. is @80. Water level @ 4" on walls .

Center of pool tapers down to @ 66".

Wrinkle starts at wall base level and circles center.

Local dealers are booked all Summer.

Any help appreciated.

Thanks for the question

First, I would direct your attention to this post about pool liner wrinkles:

Swimming Pool Liner Wrinkles and Black Algae Problems

This post has alot of good information and troubleshooting. You can obviously disregard the Black Algae part.

The post above talks about using a toilet plunger around the seams and wrinkles.

You can also use a rubber broom or squeegee along the wrinkles to smooth them out.

If your liner is fairly new, and the pool is empty, you can place a blower (or use a Shop Vac with the exhaust) between the liner and outer area to lift the liner.

Then use the suction.

While the liner is deflating, you can use your feet or rubber broom to gently pull and tug to get the wrinkles out.

This is if you have a few wrinkles or those that might be easy to remove.

I know a "few" and "easy" are very subjective words.

Unfortunately if there are more wrinkles in your liner than you can handle, the best bet is to wait for a liner professional that can help.

Hopefully you can find one and salvage your Summer.

Hope this helps and good luck with your pool.


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Liner Getting Loose On The Floor As well As On The Walls

by Ayub
(Goa India)

Many hums and lines are seen after using it for 1 year. Even walls has loose liner.

It has become so flexible and appears loose and stretched.

What is the solution?

Thanks for the question

Two of the most common problems with vinyl liners are wrinkles and the bead of the liner coming out of the track. One quick fix is to put a popsicle stick into the track to prevent the liner from coming out. This is easy but doesn't solve the problem for the long term.

Many installers use what's called a "liner bead wedge". This is a rubbery serrated strip and is used in the track to prevent the bead from coming out. It's flexible, comes in rolls, and won't deteriorate like a popsicle stick. Coins, plastic shims, and stainless washers work well for a quick fix.

If you can't get the liner up to get it into the track, you can use a hair dryer to heat up the vinyl. This will make the liner a bit more flexible and allow it to stretch to the track.


Be careful with the dryer. Hold it about 12" to 18" away from the liner. Wave it back and forth and don't keep in in one area too long.

I hope this has answered your question to your satisfaction.

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Hope this helps and have a great Summer.


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Pool Liner Wrinkled After Vacuuming Newly Installed Semi Inground Oval Pool

by Susan
(New Jersey)

We just had a pool installed professionally 15x30 oval, we were using the provided vacuum head to vacuum the pool, when in one area the vacuum sucked the liner causing two areas to wrinkle, no where else in the pool did this occur or had it occurred when we used the automatic vaccum.

Our pool installer said he has never heard of this and did not believe this to be true. How common is this?

Pool is a month old, we spent a great deal of money and we do not have resolution or an adequate explanation.

Thanks for the question Susan

This is more common than you may think and more than the liner installer might want you to believe. There are some reasons why wrinkles or sticking vacuum heads can occur.

Too Much Suction When Vacuuming The Pool

A common reason is water gets between the outside soil and the pool liner. If the water isn't absorbed into the soil it can cause air pockets or bubbles to get into the pool liner.

Also, during the installation, wrinkles can develop at the bottom of the pool liner and there may be an excess amount of liner. If this happens, the excess liner can get caught and torn in a vacuum cleaner or automatic cleaner. This shouldn't happen on a smooth and tight surface, but can happen mostly at the seams.

Here are some other reasons:

- Poor water chemistry

- The liner can slip if it doesn't have enough coping clips on top of the wall. This can cause the liner to slip down the wall and eventually go onto the bottom of the pool.

- Loss of water. If the water level dip below 6" the liner can relax and move away from the wall.

- The liner is not the right size, is too deep for the pool, wasn't cut right, or too much sand was used in the prep of the floor. For many above ground pool liners, a Shop Vac or something similar is used to set the liner and literally suck the air out so the liner sits tightly on the wall. If this is not done the liner can slip and cause air pockets. The vacuum can hit this spot and get stuck on the air bubble that is trapped under the liner.

The skimmer produces a tremendous amount of suction. You're taking a very small area (the opening of the vacuum head) and focusing it on a very small area when you vacuum.

I'm not familiar with your situation and don't know if your chemicals are right, but if that checks out and you didn't let the water get too low, in my opinion I'd say it's probably an installation error and the installer needs to make it right.

If you need immediate assistance (within 24 hrs) or for emergency personal assistance, you can make a donation of your choice and I'll answer your questions by phone.

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Hope this helps and have a great Summer.


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