How Much DE Powder Do I Need To Recharge Filter?

by J.P.
(Stockton, Ca.)

After washing panels and putting back together, how much DE powder do your pour into the skimmer basket? Two cups, three cups, 4 cups, 6 cups? My swimming pool DE filter is 18" diameter, panels 25 " high, circumference 52".

Thanks for your question J.P.

Many people think it's a simple calculation of Length X Width X Height. This calculation is for cubic feet, not square feet. Length X Width is square footage but many De pool filter grids have pleats, so that throws us a curve ball. But you can still hit it.

The material for your DE filter started as a flat sheet. If it were still flat it would be easy to measure the length times the width to get the square feet. If the DE filter is pleated to allow for more filter surface area so you have to know how deep the pleats are, and how many.

Example: If you have 2" DE pleats, 2" from the outside fold to the inside fold, each pleat would equal 4", 2" in and 2" back out).

You can count one outside fold as one 4 inch pleat. If you have 51 pleats, then multiply the 4" times the 51 pleats. That would give you 204 inches of material, or 17 feet. If all of the material is 2 feet tall, multiply the 17 feet X 2 feet, and you will have 34 square feet of DE filter.

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DE Pool Filter Maintenance

It's not the amount of "cups" but the number of pounds of DE powder you put in the skimmer. Normally, 1 pound of pool filter DE per 10-12 sq. ft. of filter capacity. If you have a 48 sq. ft. filter, then you would add 5 pounds of DE.

I would encourage you to get a DE scoop and use it for this step of your DE pool filter maintenance. This is much better than using a coffee can. If you don't add the right amount of DE, your pool filter will be ineffective and will require more cleanings.

I know this sound a little confusing but it's well worth the time invested in learning how much DE powder to use. You can always contact the DE grid manufacturer as well. Best of luck


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Cleaning Pool Bottom Is Difficult With A DE Filter

by Mary

We have a DE earth filter. Having difficulty getting the bottom clean. What is a broken grid that you mentioned in another question?

Can you sweep debris to main drain and full port out, or do you need to run the vacuum through the pool filter?



Thanks for the question Mary

I'm not too sure what you mean that you're having difficulty getting the bottom clean. Is DE coming back through the returns and settling to the bottom? Has the filter lost suction? Are you vacuuming, but there's no suction from the skimmer?

There could be many reasons why it's difficult getting the bottom of the pool clean. A grid is the internal part of the DE filter that captures the dirt and debris from the pool. The grid is coated with DE and the dirt sticks to it. It is then back washed out and fresh DE is put into the skimmer to replace the DE that is lost through back washing.

When a grid gets torn or ripped, DE will go through the hole and be returned back into the pool. Grids get torn and DE gets put back into the pool for a variety of reasons such as age, too high of water pressure, filter manifold or the multiport is bad. I'm unfamiliar with the term "full port out" but I will assume it means WASTE. This answer is yes you can, but you'll need to top off the water because you're going to be losing water.

You can also vacuum to FILTER. This will cause the dirt to be trapped in the grids. You'll back wash this out when the filter pressure reaches 8 - 10Psi over your "just back washed" pressure.

Hope this helps. If this is not the answer you need, simply contact me again and give me a little more detail and I'm sure I can help.


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