How Much Muratic Swimming Pool Acid Is Too Much?

by Kerry

How much muriatic acid is too much for this pool? I have a 5000 gallon aboveground pool. I filled it up for the first time my swimming pool total alkalinity reading was extremely high {340}.

I have been trying to beat it down with muriatic acid, but after 3 treatments, using 1 and 1/2 pints, it is still only at 210.

All other readings are within range except swimming pool chlorine, but I have not added any yet, because I am trying to get the pool's total alkalinity under control first.

Thanks for your question Kerry

You're taking the right approach in getting your pool's total alkalinity (TA) down to reach the proper level of 80ppm - 100ppm using muriatic acid. Your swimming pool chlorine level can wait but not too long, because you run the chance of getting pool algae and your pool turning green.

Adjust Your Swimming Pool Chlorine

Pool Alkalinity

For a 5,000 gallon swimming pool, to lower the TA 20 ppm you'll need about 1.5 pints of muriatic acid. To lower it from 210 to 100, which would be 110ppm, you will need to add another gallon, but not all at once. I would suggest getting a Taylor Reagent FAS-DPD K-2005 or 2006 swimming pool water test kit. This kind of test kit the most accurate.

Pool Water Testing Kit

I will assume your question states that you did a full fill with tap water. Your local water company is probably doing something with the water to make the total alkalinity that high. Usually they add soda ash to raise both the alkalinity while trying to keep the pH down to a minimum.

I know it seems like a lot of muriatic acid to use to get the TA down but if done properly it will get the alkalinity in range without touching the pool pH level too much. You can go to the swimming pool total alkalinity link to learn how to do that. I would also encourage you to go this this forum:

Questions And Answers Forum

There lots of good info. there and if you have another question or comment please post it there so others can see what you're doing. I know many people are having the same issue as you so your experience can help them.


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Nov 01, 2015
Too Much Acid In My Pool
by: Peter

What can i do to minimize the acid in my pool my test kit shows that my ph and alkalinity is way of scale there is to much acid in my water the kids are complaining of dry skin and burning eyes the test kid shows that i must increase my ph and alkalinity.

Hi Peter. There could be several things going on here, however, it's difficult to pinpoint the issue down with the limited amount of information that I have. A full set of chemical numbers can help. While every attempt is made by me to make my site as comprehensive as possible, it's impossible to cover every detail about every circumstance and every situation. That's why I've compiled the best information concerning swimming pool related issues into 2 detailed eBooks. They cover a multitude of problem areas that are most common concerning pool related issues. You'll also receive my "42 Money Saving Tips for Your Swimming Pool" for free.

Clear Blue Pool eBook
Clear Up A Green Pool eBook
Swimming Pool Consultation

Some situations are unique and yours sounds like it falls into this category. TA and pH normally won't decrease on their own. They need an outside influence. If this is the case, I would be happy to spend the time necessary to address your concerns personally through a consultation. Consultations can be done via telephone or Skype, whichever you feel will meet your need the best. I only charge $37 ($27 with the eBook) for this service in an effort to make pool ownership affordable and understandable.

Aug 11, 2013
Too High pH
by: Teacapanjoann

New pool situation with exposed gunite on floor and stairs. Tile on walls. 22000 gal pool. I've added 14 liters of muratic acid by adding 4 per day over the last four days. Ph has dropped from over 8.2 to 7.6.

How much muratic acid is safe and how much is this going to take? How long will I need to do this? Is it safe?

Thanks for the question

It's 24 oz. per 20,000 gallons to reduce the pH 0.2. As long as you incrementally add the acid it will be safe for the pool surface. Just remember to broadcast it around the perimeter of the pool with the pump on FILTER and allow 8 - 10 hours between testing.

Things that can affect and/or change the pH is splashing around, high pH fill water, over-use of sodium bicarb., and using calcium hypochlorite. Cal hypo has a pH of 12 so if you're using it you need to stop and use liquid chlorine.

By eliminating or reducing the amount of chemicals and actions stated above, along with adding the correct amount of acid, constant filtering, and testing 8 - 10 hours between applications, you should begin to see changes fairly quickly. You also need to have your TA between 80 - 100ppm. This can help facilitate a stable pH.


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