How Much To Install A Pool Filter System?

by Tara

I have a pool that is literally a rectangle dug out of the ground lined with cement. I would like to install a filter system. Is this possible and what is the cost?

Thanks for the question Tara

Being that you've already dug a hole and it's lined with cement, you're already half way there. It depends on the condition of the cement job. If it's really bad with holes, pits, etc...the price will go up because it will have to be smoothed out.

But all things considered, I will assume it's as the question says. First you need to decide what kind of filter system you want. Either DE, sand, or cartridge. To learn about the different systems you can go to these links:

Swimming Pool Filter Cartridge

DE Pool Filters

Swimming Pool Sand Filters

Also go to these links for the money side of things:

Cost Of Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool Financing

You need to consider if you have the space for a filter system and what the layout of the yard is. If there's water lines, underground power lines, trees, etc...anything that would block a straight line to the pool would raise the price considerably. A very basic pool will run between $20,000 - $50,000. For just the filtration system you're still talking a good $10,000 or so. That's if there's no lines or trenches dug yet.

My advice would be to call around to your local pool contractors to get a good estimate. And be sure to check references and with the BBB before you sign anything. My uncle and I hooked up many filtration systems in Arizona and they normally ran between $5,000 - $10,000 dollars.

It might be different in your area, but that's what I've personally experienced. Hope this helps and best of luck with your pool.


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Pool Installation Cost For An Above Ground & Inground Swimming Pool

by Bill
(Richmond, VA)

I'm thinking about putting in a swimming pool for my family. I can't decide which one would be better, an above ground or inground swimming pool. I'm concerned about the pool installation cost. I really don't feel like putting out $25,000 to $30,000 for a new pool, inground.

But an above ground swimming pool would be too small. I have two young kids and I think they would out grow the above ground too quickly.


Thanks for your question Bill

There are benefits of having an above ground and inground swimming pool. Most people are like you and are concerned about the cost of a pool.

These links can help:

Aboveground Swimming Pools

Swimming Pool Financing

Cost Of Swimming Pool

It really comes down to want you want. If you're planning on staying in your house for along time, probably an inground swimming pool would be your best bet. There are many loan options for pools right now, so look around and see which one is the best for you and your budget.

Lots of people are very happy with their above ground pools for the reasons in the above link.

So the question is what do you want and what can you afford? If you do take a loan out for the pool installation cost, you'll probably want to pay it off as quickly as possible.

Good luck with your pool


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Grey Gunite Steps

by Keith Daigle
(Evangeline, La. USA)

We are in the process of installing an vinyl inground pool. Gemini 22'x23'x40.

The salesman is recommending we go with the grey granite for our steps and spillover spa.

SO, would like to see some pictures of this color scheme and your thoughts if this would blend in well with our pool.

We selected Chesapeake liner.

Thanks for the question Keith

I'm not sure exactly what you would like. The question states you'd like to see some pictures of the color scheme.

My website is for information purposes. People that have green water, chemical problems, general pool issues, problems with their sand/cartridge/DE filters, etc... It's really not set up to send pool owners pictures in a "interior" or "exterior decorator" fashion. That's not what I do.

If you have pictures of the liner and steps, you can upload them to my site. I can then take a look at them and give you feedback as to the color scheme.

The way the question is stated is similar to someone asking what two color go together. Because of the variety of colors, they need to be seen and compared.

Thanks again and hope to hear from you soon.


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