Inground Pump For Above Ground Pool?

by Mark

My pump got struck by lightning and is toast. I have a 27' round with 18" sand filter.

I need to get this fixed ASAP because I am going on vacation for 2 weeks and it won't be pretty when I get home with no pump.

My question is I found a Max-Flow Hayward INGROUND pump (C48L2N134B1) fairly new (3 months) locally .

Will it work?

Thanks for the question Mark

There are normally two factors between an above ground from an inground pump.

1. NPSH (net positive suction head). This is much lower on an above ground pump. Normally they don't prime a pump that is above the pool's water level like many inground pumps.

2. Above ground pumps tend to be lower head. They are usually close to the pool. Since this is so, they don't have as much head loss as an inground pool where the pump is situated farther away.

The result is above ground pumps don't need to be as powerful as inground pumps and is usually a little less expensive.

You can use an inground pump for an above ground pool, but it could damage your filter.

Hayward Superpumps say in their owner's manual that "these should only be used with a permanent pool". In other words, an inground pool.

You need to consider the "low head" of the pump.

Using a high head pump (inground) on a low head loss pool (above ground) will result in the pump not having enough load on the impeller.

This is not only inefficient for energy usage but it can also burn up the pump. Above ground pumps are usually plumbed slightly different than inground pumps.

A good page to look at is this:

The short answer is that although it might work, consider the horse power of the inground pool pump and be sure it's 1/2 HP, 3/4 at the most.

Anything more might damage your system because of the force of the inground pump.

As was stated, pool pump are made specifically for above ground and inground pools.

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Hope this helps and have a great Summer.


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Better Pool Pumps...Waterway Mustang Or Hayward & Pentair

by Phil Popp
(Walnutport, PA USA)

I have a Waterways Mustang 120 pool pump.

Motor runs fine but the pump is done.

What replacement pump would you recommend?

It is a 2 hp with 2" inlet/outlet.

How do you like these waterways compared to Hayward or Pentair.

My mustang lasted several years but I have rebuilt it several times, seems poor construction?



Thanks for the question Phil

I can say that I've really never had any major problems with either Hayward or Pentair pool motors or pumps.

We have Hayward motors for the YMCA pool and hot tub and they've been very reliable.

The hot tub motor burned up, but this was my fault. I didn't clean out the pump strainer for a while and it got clogged with cotton.

There was minimal water flow, so the motor burned up. I started cleaning it out every week. That was a $400 mistake.

I've found throughout the years that Mustang pumps are generally good, but sometimes they can give you problems such as overheating and leaks.

Sometimes the bearings might go earlier than on a compatible Hayward.

This is just my take on them, but I've changed out many filtration systems since 1999.

If you go with either Hayward to Pentair you probably won't be disappointed.

Hope this helps and have a fun and safe swimming season.


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Pool Pump Efficiency

by Jim

My pool pump runs up my power bill by around $150 per month (14 Hrs per day). It is a 2 hp Waterway Mustang 120. Is this what I should expect from this pump?

Is there a more efficent pump out there I can get? I saw them installing a Jandy Stealth that they said was the most efficent pump on the market.

Thanks for the question Jim

$150 per month is a little steep for a pump motor. I does depend on your KW per hour rating and the efficiency of your motor.

Zodiac Jandy Stealth is a very good model. Hayward and Pentair also put out good motors. What you're probably considering is a 2 speed or variable speed motor.

These are good choices because the motor runs slower during filtration and more during times when more power is needed, such as back washing and vacuuming.

As for the savings, it's hard to give you an exact amount. Again, this depends on the amount of time you use it plus the KW your local electric company charges. But I can say it will make a difference in your electric bill.

Hope this helps and have a great rest of the Summer.


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Pool Pump Operation

by Dave
(Naples, Fl)

How many hours a day should you run the circulating pump?

Thanks for your question Dave

During the Summer months you'll want to run you swimming pool pump filter for a minimum of 12 hours per day.

Swimming Pool Sand Filters

This is to ensure you have enough filtration and circulation throughout the day.

When the weather starts to heat up your pool chlorine level will need to be tested at least once per week. Keeping your filtration up and running is an important part of your swimming pool chemistry.

Swimming Pool Chemistry..Care..Inground Maintenance..Salt Water..Weekly..

In the Winter, if you don't winterize your pool, you should filter about 4 - 6 hours per day.

Hope this helps


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Half In - Half Out Pool Pump Help

by Mike

I have a pool that is 16x32x4.5 with aluminum interlocking panels which compose the sides. It is designed to be either above or in ground and mine is about half/half. I installed duel floor drains a couple of years ago which are tremendous. So that's the background and here is my question. The pump is pretty old and I'm looking to replace it. So is an in-ground or above ground pump the right selection for my situation?

I've been using the above ground system that came with the pool but since I put in the bottom drains to pull the water for filtration it seems to struggle. The pump motor is about 1 foot below the water line.

Thanks for the question Mike

First we need to establish the difference between an IG and AG pump. I'm not aware of the depth of your knowledge of this but I'll just start from the beginning. IG pump are self priming and AG pumps are not. It's the ability to pump water vertically. Most IG pump are at or above water level while AG pump are below. The AG pump has gravity pulling the water and this doesn't require much suction.

Another difference is the strength of the motor which is flow rate, or gallons per minute (GPM). Many AG pump's GPM is 30 - 50 while IG pumps can pull 75 - 100 GPM, or more. The pump GPM needs to match the filter GPM which means is the water goes too fast through the filter it can be damaged. Opposite, if the water goes too slowly it won't be able to filter properly within 8 - 12 hours.

In my opinion you could use an IG pump motor with your pool as long as you can ensure the motor is at or above water level and the pump is designed for your filter's GPM. It can reach it but not exceed its GPM. An AG pump may not have the power to have a skimmer + 2 drains.

Please understand this is just my opinion so you may want to get a 2nd to be sure.

If you feel your situation is more complex than this, I do phone consultations. It makes things go much faster and many people have found it extremely beneficial, saving them time and money in the long run. All your questions will be answered. I have nothing to sell you so you know I'm not bias.

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Hope this helps and have a great Summer.


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