I've got D.E. in my pool and I use cartridge filters

by David

Help me PLEASE! A friend of mine, trying to help me with my girlfriends' demon of a pool, put about 6 to 8 lbs of D.E. into a cartridge filter system about two weeks ago. It was dark green at that time. He also threw in a large bucket of shock, maybe 25 lbs.

Now I feel I have a he chemical issue worked out but it's been constantly cloudy, though a pretty blue most of this time. If I have 6 or so lbs. of D.E. floating around my pool, how do I clear it up if I only have a cartridge system? Does floculant work on D.E. particles?

Hi David. DE is good for DE filters and a little DE can be beneficial for sand filter. But not cartridges. They can clog up, reducing the effectiveness of the cartridge to do its intended job.

Your best bet is to keep the current cartridge clean every 8 - 10 hours, or get a new one. Do not use a flocculant. That is meant to clump the smaller particles together, make them larger, then vacuum to waste. Being you have a cartridge system you probably don't have a multiport valve that allows for a waste setting. You'll have a big clump of goo on the bottom that will be difficult to remove.

Brush and entire pool very well, 2 - 3x per day, keep filtering, and keep the cartridge clean.

Have a great Summer


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