Leaving My Pool Permanently Closed

by Grace

I have a 16 x 36 inground. Last summer I left it closed after winterizing it. How many years can I leave it closed and what should I have done in preparation for leaving it per mantels closed? I have an old Loop Lock type cover on it with few holes from squirrels. Should I bother getting another cover. I don't want the pool anymore but I don't have the money to fill it in. The liner is in good condition.

Thanks for the question Grace

You can basically keep the pool unattended for years. The big issues are safety, animals, and mosquitoes. I'm not aware of your local laws concerning pool safety and having safety fences around the perimeter. I would encourage you to talk to your local officials and see if there's anything that needs to be done concerning a permanent pool closure.

Next is to have a safety cover on the pool, for obvious reasons. I don't have information as to your specific location or whether you have animals or children around the pool. A safety cover should always be in good repair.

Then there's the issue of stagnant water and mosquitoes. This is an absolute perfect breeding ground for them. If anything, you would need to drain the pool and keep the cover on it at all times until you're able to fill it in. What you'll have is just a big hole with a cover. If you are not financially able to fill it in then you'll need to take all precautions necessary to ensure nothing can fall into an empty pool.


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Closing Pool

by Sharon
(DeSoto, MO.)

Our above ground pool, 13500 gal., is balanced. It has a cartridge filter.

We use 8.25% chlorine bleach 14 oz. & a Chlorine tab on a daily basis and shock with Champion Pool Shock (sodium hypochlorite), PhosAway and Metal Magic.

We plan on closing pool in 2 days, we do not drain water, can you tell me how much chemicals to put in for closing?

Thank You


Thanks for the question Sharon

If all the chemicals, with the exception of the chlorine are fine, there's nothing to do with them.

Now for the chlorine and shock. If you're already using grocery store bleach (I assume that's what you mean by "chlorine bleach") you can use whatever is less expensive for a shock. Champion Pool Shock, or anything that's called "shock", is nothing more than regular chlorine, just marked up. This is regardless of liquid or granular chlorine. Use either bleach or regular liquid chlorine to shock the pool. It's 1 2/3 gallons of liquid chlorine per 15,000 gallons to shock.

Now for the phosphate remover. You don't need it. It's a way for the chemical companies and pool store to make more money off of you.

High Phosphates Over 1000 & Cloudy Water

I will also assume you have metals in your water. Are you on a well? The Metal Magic is a good idea. Just follow the directions on the bottle.

If you're simply not going to be using the pool, but are still at home and the weather is fine, I'd encourage you to not close the pool just yet.

There's a rule that many pool guys follow. It's this: Close late and open early. This way you'll reduce the amount of sludge and algae when you reopen the pool in the Spring. If you cover the pool, but are still having days in the lower to mid 80's, you're going to have a mess in the Spring. All of the hot air and warm water is under the pool cover, nicely sealed up, and is the perfect breeding ground for algae.

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Pool Was Closed For 6 Years

by Marty D

we just bought a bank sale house and it has a inground pool 18x36 roman on both sides with a 8x3 roman bench - kicked out on side of pool. I never saw one like this. Pool was installed in may 09 and closed in 09 and never used since then. It was winterized. It's a vinyl pool but I don't know what the sides are yet.

The water is to the top. We will be moving in next week. I had a few pool guys over to look at it And they all said the vinyl looks good. All these years the pool was closed up and water was to the top, did water get behind the liner? Can water get behind the liner and would it damage the walls? I'm going to be into this pool for about $7,000 because there is no pump, filter, and heat pump.

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