Looking For Parts For An Above Ground Pool

by Charles

We have a Johnny Weissmuller extruded pool (18 x 33)type 1 or I jungle king - 1974 according to the book.

We had a tree fall on it and bent a few of the side walls plus the top rail, bottom frame, liner and we need all new front coping covers. Our insurance co. Liberty Mutual gave us your site.

We can send you pictures if you like, we need to figure out the cost for all of the parts to have the pool fixed if possible.

Thanks for the question Charles

I don't really sell too much on my site. It's for information purposes for home pool owners and commercial pool managers. If you want you can send me some pics along with what needs to be done. I can look them over and give you my professional opinion as to the cost of replacement. Obviously this will be just my opinion but may get you in the ballpark of some prices.

I don't know any contractors in Connecticut so you'd need to find one on your own.

Hope to hear from you soon.


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May 04, 2014
Aboveground Pool Parts
by: Robert

Hello Charles

I did a little research and went back to when I did pools in Arizona and Oregon. I personally have never had this exact situation in my experience from taking care of pools since 1999 but this is what I know.

Any replacement parts would need to come from the manufacturer. My understanding is that there are very few universal parts for these pools.

The pool wall is normally one big sheet of metal, not individual parts. It seems to be metal panels due to the upright posts.

Due to the age of the pool there's a good chance of rust. This normally happens starting at the ground level. At this age it would be, in my opinion, best to replace the entire pool, not just the wall. This is mainly due to the probable rust the pool already has.

Also, the liner would need to be replaced if the pool was drained.

Check the pump motor as well. If the water level got below the skimmer the pump would be running dry. This may have caused the motor to overheat.

Check with your homeowner's insurance. They may cover the cost of the pool.

With a pool wall that's buckled as your's is, you may be better served by getting a new pool. The chances of hammering the wall back to it's original shape, looking good, working properly, structurally sound, and without any pinholes or leaks is minimal.

Again, this is my opinion. You may want to get another one from a local pool store or above ground pool installer.

Hope this helps and have a great Summer.


May 06, 2014
Above Ground Parts For A Pool
by: Charles

Dear Robert

Thank you for sending me your e-mail. It was greatly appreciated and it backed up what Namco was telling the Insurance Co.

Liberty Mutual was trying to save money by having it fixed and Namco told them twice that it was difficult.

We do have rust on the walls, and I thank you for mentioning that, but not much. I sent both of your e-mails to Patricia Santana @ liberty Mutual because she was the one that found your Co. web site.

So hopefully she will have to settle the claim thank's to you and Namco.
Best wishes for a great summer


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