Lowering Total Alkilinity

by Jada

My Question Or Comment: I watched your YouTube video on how to add Muriatic Acid to a pool to lower TA. My pool is very high, like 220 ppm. (City water is bad here.) Is there a maximum amount of Muriatic Acid to add at one time? I've read that there is but your video seems to indicate that isn't necessarily the case. Great video by the way. I will be subscribing and learning! New pool owner here! Thank you for your time!

Hi Jada. The amount of muriatic acid to use is dependent upon the size of the pool and the amount of TA decrease to your target of 80 - 120 ppm. We have TA fill water of 250 ppm so I know exactly what you're talking about.

Taking care of a pool takes patience and skill, but as with anything, it's a skill you can increase with each week. I still take care of a 17k and 23k gallon pool. If I want to make a smaller adjustment, from 150 ppm to 100 ppm, then I would add in the correct amount the first time.

However, if a larger adjustment needed to be done, 250 ppm down to 80 ppm, I would do it incrementally, maybe 3 - 4 applications. Muriatic acid can also lower the pH so you wouldn't want to dump 3 gallons in and lower your TA, but now the pH has bottomed out.

By making smaller adjustments and testing at the right times, you can ensure the water stays balanced and not over-shoot your targets.

It's these types of little things that you'll learn when you begin to understand your pool's needs and your unique situations.


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