Multiport Valve Is Stuck In Backwash Mode

Rotating the handle clockwise, it will not go back to filter mode.

Do I need to remove the top of the valve and reposition the port?

Thanks for the question

Your swimming pool pump and filter are the most important part of your system. Next is the multiport valve.

This is what you can do if you're having a hard time rotating the multiport valve:

1. Remove the pin holding the handle to the stem.

2. When the handle comes off, you can unscrew the bolts on the lid.

3. Remove the key stem from the cover There should be a small O-ring on the shaft.

4. You should see a spring. This spring holds the key stem down on the spoke gasket. Replace the O-ring if it's worn or split and clean the shaft, spring, and the hole of the cover.

5. Lube the O-ring with Aqualube or something similar. Don't use regular Vaseline. It breaks down quickly in water.

6. Put the key stem back in the valve with the hole in it. You want to go towards the filter tank for a sand filter and the hole away from the tank for DE filters.

7. Put the spring and washers (if there were some) back on the key stem.

8. Put the cover back on with the filter position over the opening in the key stem. Tighten down the screws/bolts using a cross pattern. Be sure to check the O-ring to see if it's seated correctly.

9. The handle should go on in the "FILTER" position. You can replace the pin that holds it on.

Remember this is for information purposes only. If you're unsure of the directions above, please call a professional pool tech.

Hope this helps and good luck with your valve.


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Air In Sand Filter

by Lindon
(United Kingdom)

My pump is a sta rite Duro Glass & filter is a TritonTR 60 side mount multipport valve with a clear top dome sight glass & air bleeder. I keep the pool & all equipment clean & everything functions as it should when circulating with crystal clear water.

I have recently experience lots of air bubbles coming out of the filters water diffuser which starts around 20/30 seconds of the pump stopping. Accompanied by lots of glugging noise the water level in the sight dome drops at an alarming rate.

I've changed the media, checked the laterals & took the opportunity to change the media to EGFM (glass). The laterals were fine & I have ensured all above ground pipe connections are good & I have zero water leaks.

I've also checked the spider & rim gaskets in the multiport valve which SEEM to be in good condition. I have also checked that the air comes out of the holes in the water diffuser regardless of whatever position the valve is in by changing its position as soon as the pump is turned off.

The amount of water drop during a normal 'pump off' period means the pump losing prime on its next re-start & although it gets it back almost immediately on which seems to prove the suction side is all good it takes forever for the air in the filter to stop bubbling back to the pool & ends with me usually bleeding it manually.

I'd be grateful if you have any ideas on the cause.... Is it possible that it COULD be the spider gasket? Many thanks.

Hello Lindon and sorry for the delay. We had over 9 inches of rain in 3 days and one of the bedrooms in the house had a massive leak. I had to put some things on hold while I attended to that.

Above ground pool problems are much eaiser to diagnose that inground, although they do have their fair share of issues.

There are only two sides to the filtration process, the suction and return side. If the pump is not priming or it is having a hard time, I'd check the pump pot o-ring and replace it if it's broken or cracked. Be sure you lube it up with Magic Lube or something similar each time you remove it. Never use a petro based product such as Vaseline.

I have videos on YouTube that can go into much more detail. They can be found here:

It sounds like you've done you're due diligence with respects to the multi-port valve (MPV). The air issue could be the spider gasket but I would look over the videos above first. The spider gasket does need to be glued into place with a product called Loctite 101. Just a few dabs around will do it. Also be sure the channels the gaskets sits in is clean.

Also check gasket on top of the filter.

Look over the videos and if you have more questions please feel free to email back.

If you feel your situation is more complex than this, I do phone consultations for a donation of your choice. It makes things go much faster and many people have found it extremely beneficial, saving them time and money in the long run. All your questions will be answered. I have nothing to sell you so you know I'm not bias.

Pool Consultation

Hope this helps.

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Loss Of Pressure In The Return Line

I have a 15 foot round AGP. I have a brand new Hayward 1.5hp pump and just installed a new multiport valve head. All but one of the hoses are new as well. Also changed sand and checked fingers. Problem is that when I turn the pump on, I get great pressure out of the return line.

Pressure gauge on filter is at 11.. as the pressure gauge moves up (like 19) the pressure on the return losses pressure? After I back wash and pressure is restored. Pool is very green. Will everything be ok once the pool clears up or do I have another problem?

Thanks for the question

Check the pump impeller as it may be clogged with debris. Turn off the pump and remove the pump basket. Stick your fingers into the suction hole in the pump strainer housing. If the seal is broken or wobbles, you'll need to fix or replace it. Be sure the skimmer and pump baskets are clean.

The problem could be a dirty or clogged filter, a blocked return line, or a valve that is partially or fully shut off. Is the pump making any strange noises? If so, the impeller may be clogged. This will cause it to rotate at a lower speed. Is your pump a variable speed pump and the tension is ok?

Can any air be seen through the lid? Check the gasket around the lid and replace it if it's squashed or worn out.

You could also try this:

Turn the pump off and take the lid off. Insert your garden hose in the hole above the basket (this is the pipe where water comes into the pump while it's on). Wrap a large piece of cloth around the hose to cover the hole to prevent a loss in pressure.

Obviously don't jam the cloth into the hole so you can't get it out. All you're doing is trying to create a seal the best you can. Turn the hose on and open one of the valves and close the other one (if applicable). With more than one valve you will alternate between a closed on and an open one. Notice if there's anything out of this "backflushing" that clears the line.

If you see that the line isn't clogged, try opening another valve. You'll notice water coming out of the skimmer, for instance. You can also check the diffuser on the pump motor. These tend to go quickly if you're not careful.

Also, your algae could be building up in the filter quickly and back washing is the only way to get rid of it.


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