Natural Swimming Pools: Chemical and Chlorine Free Backyard Ponds 

Natural swimming pools and organic ponds.  Ultra clean technology that produce natural water filtration and environmentally and eco-friendly green pools.

Do you want a swimming pool that uses no chemicals?  No chlorine or pH Up?  Do you consider Mother Nature as the best source?  Then a natural swimming pool might be the right choice for you!!  They are pretty popular in parts of Europe, but haven't caught on much in America.  Most Americans have a definite idea of what a swimming should and should not be.  However, before you flip to another page, you may want to read about what our neighbors across the pond are doing for their swimming pool enjoyment.  These nature ponds have all of nature's goodness, without any side-effects!!  

Natural swimming pools and organic ponds.  Ultra clean technology that produce natural water filtration and environmentally and eco-friendly green pools.

What Are Natural Swimming Pools?

Simply put, nature is put to work to produce a clean, clear, chemical free and chlorine free swimming pool.  Many people who own these swimming pools (or natural swimming ponds, as they are called) say they feel more refreshed, have no burning eyes, and swimmers experience no chemical odor.  Very safe swimming pool water chemistry.  There's also the benefit of not having to add and store chemicals which is similar to a pool ionizer for a normal chlorine pool.  Unlike a normal pools, there's virtually no chance of your swimming pool chemistry getting out of balance.  Many people have taken to ponds as a holistic life-style.  It becomes the centerpiece of your own backyard paradise or a retreat whenever your in the mood.

Natural swimming pools and organic ponds.  Ultra clean technology that produce natural water filtration and environmentally and eco-friendly green pools.

As more people are becoming sensitive to swimming pool chlorine and chloramines (a by-product of chlorine and swimmer waste found in swimming pools) they are opting for new and innovative chlorine free swimming pool systems.  As with regular chlorine pools, these natural swimming pools can come in virtually any shape and size that you want. 

How A Natural Organic Pool Works 

Basically, you have an entire eco-system working in your yard.  The main goal is to create a balanced, self-contained, self-cleaning water environment that takes care of it's own swimming pool care and maintenance.  To begin with, you'll start with a large hole, just like a normal swimming pool, and then add the liner.  Normally, the liners are either heavy-duty rubber or reinforced polyethylene. Then:

  • Establish a swimming zone
  • Filter zone(s)s or normally called “regeneration” zone(s)
  • Add skimmers
  • Water pump, plumbing, and filters to constantly turn the water over for proper circulation and filtration
  • Add a UV water sterilizer
  • Aeration system
  • Eco-plants and a large amount of bacteria to get the system rolling along

If you want your natural swimming pond filled a bit faster you can call your local pool water delivery business.  If you're impatient like me,  you may not like the next part.  It does take some time to get the bacteria established and everything working properly before you can actually go swimming.  How much time is debatable.  As things in nature can and will change, so will these pools.  With a normal pool, the pool chemical maintenance is pretty easy to estimate, but not with a chlorine free swimming pool.

And no two ponds are the same.  The swimming pool chemistry is constantly changing.  A natural pond may cost about the same or slightly higher than regular conventional swimming pools depending on landscaping and any extras you may want.  And they use plant biology and physics to filter the water.  Some quick facts about natural swimming ponds are:

  • They're about 50% plants for filtration (regeneration zone) and 50% swimming area
  • You will have your own wildlife habitat
  • They're less expensive to own due to lower maintenance costs and no pool chemicals to add
  • Use less water due to no back-washing

Advantages and Disadvantages of Natural Swimming Pools

Although natural swimming pools have been popular in Europe and parts of Australia for years, they haven't made much of a dent in the U.S.  Here are some pros and cons of having a natural swimming pool. 

Advantages of Natural Ponds

  • They can work in a variety of climates.
  • Green and very environmentally friendly.
  • Organic ponds require much less maintenance than regular chlorine and salt pools.
  • Very natural looking.
  • No harsh pool chemicals.

Disadvantages of Natural Ponds

  • High initial investment.
  • Might be difficult to find a local contractor who will build your pond.
  • Requires more land to build.
  • Might not be a good selling point for prospective buyers.
  • The aesthetics of a natural pool might give your swimmers a "yuck" feel .
  • Might not be able to dig deep enough for diving.

What About Green Pool Water?

As with regular swimming pools, you're going to have algae issues that may pop up every now and again if you choose a natural swimming pool.  This system works like a natural pond and the water conditions will go up and down.  Most natural swimming pools will have some level of algae growth, but using a good builder with a well designed system can keep the algae down to a minimum. 

As always, with any body of water, there is no substitute for swimming safety.  Whether you think a natural pond is right for you and your family or if you want to go the more conventional route, a quality built chlorine free natural swimming pool is pretty cool.  

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