Noisy Sand Filter And Sand Coming Out Waste Line On Backwash

by Cyndi
(Grand Junction, CO)

First of all THANK YOU for your website. It has been a huge help to me! Opening pool this spring and as usual, some issue comes up, but this one has me stumped.

Have an inground 16x34 and a Hayward Sand filter. New sand last year.

This year, the sand filter is noisy like it has air in it rattling around and a lot of air coming thru the returns to pool.

I backwashed yesterday and noticed sand coming out the waste line during back wash. Never had any of these issues before.

Any ideas/suggestions?

Thanks for the question and comment Cyndi

You want to check the obvious things first. Be sure the gasket around the pump lid is clean, not split or cracked, and free of debris. Be sure you're bleeding the air out of the system.

Did you properly winterize the pool and blow the water out of the lines? If you didn't you run the risk of the lines bursting. If this happened you'll have a suction side leak which will draw air into the system. For an inground pool, this will require a leak detection company to come in and fix the problem.

Any tiny crack in the lines or filter will allow air into the system.

Are you losing water level? This could also be a crack or break in the lines. Be sure the water level is 1/3 - 1/2 up from the bottom of the skimmer.

Check the Multiport for any cracks or leaks and replace it if it's broken. Check the spider gasket. A bad gasket is the reason for many problems.

Please remember when looking over the info. above that the questions may not be exactly what your situation is, but the troubleshooting is the same. Each answer is applicable for a wide range of issues, not just the question the other visitor asked.

Hope this helps and let me know how it turns out for you.


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Noisy Pool Motor

by Donna
(Tupelo, MS)

What Can I Do About My Noisy Pool Pump Motor?

I've just started up my pool after taking off the cover and adding more water.

The pump is louder than it has ever been, like it is not working properly. I've checked all areas that could be blocked with debris and everything is fine.

The pump actually seems to be working fine.

The noise concerns me that it is going to burn up.

Any suggestions or should we just be looking to get a new motor?

Thanks for the question Donna

There could be many reasons why a pool pump runs loudly, or not at all. A clog or block somewhere is normally the reason. With proper care, a good pool pump can last many years.

I'll give you a run down of what I've found with loud motors that I've either repaired or replaced:

1. Debris in the pump and/or clogged basket

2. Clogged skimmer or bottom drain

These clogs will stop water from going through the system and cause the motor to work harder.

3. A clogged impeller.

Turn off the pump and take the lid off & remove basket. Take your finger or small screwdriver & put it down into small hole at bottom & turn impeller.

If there's debris in the impeller you'll feel it or see some come out when you turn it. The impeller should turn easily.

Filtration system:
Depending on the size of a cartridge filter, you might need to get a new one.

If pressure on gauge shows high after cleaning it might be time to get a new one.

For DE filters, backwashed and clean the grids. The gauge should tell you as pressure would stay high do to DE build up inside.

For a sand filter, there might be backed-up debris. Backwash and check the gauge. If it's still high then that means restricted water throughout the system. This could just mean you need to de-grease the system.

Do you have multiport valve? Any valves that are partially closed?

If the pump primes and keeps running well, but there's still a loud noise, this could be the bearings are out.

The question doesn't say what kind of pool pump motor you have, but I'll assume it's a Hayward which the most popular kind.

These are the things that I've found, directly and indirectly, to cause a loud noise:

Strainer is clogged

Bad housing gasket

Diffuser gasket

Pump basket broken or cracked. This allows debris to get into the impeller

Pump seal plate

Housing gasket

These are most common problems with a loud motor. You can have a certified pool tech come out and take a look at it. But sometimes the cost/benefit ratio would be to just get a new motor.

I once allowed the strainer basket for the hot tub at the YMCA to get clogged and the motor burned up, along with the PVC pipes that actually melted.

It took over 4 hours and about $350 to re-plumb the system and install a new motor. Needless to say my supervisor wasn't very happy, but I never let that happen again.

So, from personal experience, these problems are the most common.

Hope this helps and good luck

All the best


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